After retirement, there is only one thing left for people to do

26 Nov 2023

The aging of modern society is becoming increasingly serious, and we have already quietly moved closer to an "elderly society".

There are more and more elderly people, and social problems about the elderly are also emerging one after another. The psychological state after retirement is one of the unavoidable problems after we age.

After retirement, we will no longer work from 9 to 5, it will be a time in life when we are truly stress-free and completely relaxed.

In these boring days, it is easy to feel confused and unwanted. We have to do something related to ourselves. The more understanding people have, the happier they will live.

01: Know yourself

After retirement, we have already passed through several years of life.

Looking back at the past, we can still remember it vividly. In those past memories, we have happiness, sadness, regret, remorse, etc.

But what is really important is that we learn to see ourselves in those past events, know ourselves, and face our past.

After an Internet celebrity couple retired, they traveled around the world together to see the local customs and customs. Netizens said that this was the right way to start retirement.
During the interview, they said that after retiring, they had some time to rest at home, but they felt increasingly confused and uncomfortable.

When the two of them looked back on the past, they discovered that they both had a desire to travel when they were young.

But it was not possible at that time, so after the couple realized this, they decided to travel around the world together.

When you see the world clearly, you also see yourself clearly.

Often only by accepting yourself first can you better understand the beauty of the world.

02: Respect yourself

After retirement, we lose our busy life. With more free time, we will have more time to think, and we will always inevitably face the fragility deep in our hearts.

We tend to become emotional, but we must learn to respect our own thoughts and respect our bodies.

A 55-year-old German aunt suffered emotional deception from her ex-husband. After a long period of dark depression, she decided to give herself a peaceful solitary life after retirement. After she retired, her solo life was favored and loved by everyone.

She gave herself some time to think about the future, and her ex-husband's emotional ambivalence finally made her respect her own ideas. She does not plan to follow other people's advice to find a wife, but to give herself a relaxed and happy life in her old age.
Negative emotions are unavoidable in life, but we must learn to respect our innermost thoughts.

Only by respecting yourself will you have a better and better destiny.

03: Be kind to yourself

Knowing how to treat yourself well is an essential lesson.

Being kind to ourselves includes being kind to our bodies, being kind to our inner thoughts, and being kind to more than just an elderly band from Harbin, whose members are all retired grandparents.

They perform in many public places, bringing comfort to sad people. Maybe their skills are not superb, but their warmth always makes many people applaud them.

Be kind to yourself, and then be kind to all things. After more than half of our lives have passed, we still need to be full of love for life, full of kindness to the people around us, to warm ourselves and others.

Treat yourself kindly and face yourself, and you can still make your life colorful even after retirement.

There is no real aging in life. When our love for life disappears as we grow older, that is the real aging.

When we retire, our lives will change dramatically, but as long as we continue to love ourselves, it will become a warm and blessed life.

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