What kind of country is Venezuela?

2 Feb 2023

Venezuelans people lived a very happy life for long time because of huge oil resources, but due to the collapse of oil prices in 2015, the good times are gone forever, and hundreds of people are unable to make a living.

Poverty has brought serious social conflicts. Transportation is almost in a state of collapse. Water, food, and electricity are even worse than you can imagine.

The economic collapse has caused banknotes to become less valuable in Venezuela. Now you can’t buy things without a few sacks or boxes. It is also difficult to buy enough daily necessities. The collapse of the national economy has made some things that were once available to buy become popular products. There may be the possibility of stock out at any time. You must be fast enough to live in Venezuela, otherwise everything will be useless.

The economic collapse has severely affected the country’s infrastructure. Internet, water, and power outages are common occurrences. Some people say that they can do other works to consume time without the Internet.

Food shortages and the collapse of living facilities have made it difficult for countless Venezuelan youths to live. For this reason, they have begun to do some disciplinary actions. As a result, the domestic security is getting worse, so in this country do not show your wealth.

The collapse of the economy prevents people in this country from getting sick. A disease may consume their own living expenses for a few days. The price of medicines far exceeds the daily income of ordinary people. Therefore, some people with low incomes often need to work hard and the rich people can easily afford medicine.

In addition, high prices make the poor poorer and the rich richer. In order to survive, many poor people can only look through the garbage and hope to find food to fill their hungry belly. The state also provide people with a small amount of food, but these food are only enough to maintain basic life.

It's really desperate situation in this country. In addition to gasoline, other things are really too expensive and unbearable. Some young people think that it is difficult to produce anything in the country, so they go to developed countries by studying abroad or part-time job, earning foreign currency and then send it back home to ensure a stable life for their families.

In recent years, due to the epidemic, countless young people have lost the opportunity to go out to work, this has made the financial situation of some families more difficult and foreign exchange has been severely affected.

Venezuela is a country rich in mineral resources. Its oil ranks first in the world, and its reserves of natural gas, gold, silver, and copper are among the top several in the world. In addition, its long coastline has many natural ports in its territory.

At one time, Venezuelans people was the happiest people in the world. Every citizen had enjoy free medical care, education, and various social welfare benefits. But now this situation is not good, the huge fall of oil prices in 2015 made the once rich country plummet and eventually it became a highly inflationary country.

Many Venezuelan residents believe that such a situation in their country is largely due to the economic blockade of the United States.

Venezuelans will think so because most domestic goods depend on imports, and the US economic blockade has made various domestic daily necessities scarce, and this is the reason most Venezuelans people believe that their difficulties are caused by the United States.

Some people say that even if the United States is powerful, what's the use? After all, this country has so many oil reserves that it can completely allow the people to live a decent life, but some people have forgotten one thing, oil prices are prone to fluctuate.

Over the years, the government has tried every means to save the economy, but because the people have lost trust in the government, Venezuela’s economy is tepid and hard to see a big improvement. Venezuela economic situation is not good, but this country still has some advantages. It is a country rich in beautiful women. Here even if the domestic situation is not good, the beauty contest still be held every year, and many people also participate in this contest.

It can be said that if Venezuela wants to change its unpleasant situation, it can only rely on its own efforts and we hope that it change the lives of the people.

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