Love Life (EP1)

1 Jul 2022

So I met this girl in High School, she is so pretty and has everything a guy wants in a woman. 
We got along in no time and we became best of friends. We bonded so well that even when we had some shortcomings, we were still as though there was never a problem.
After High School, our friendship became more intimate and we shared good memories together. At a certain point, we lost contact basically because we were still very young (Me-17years and She-15years) and it took a while to get back in touch. As we got back in touch, I discovered that a certain guy had already taken my place. I can still remember how she took me out on a date and pleased with me to understand with her why and how she got into a relationship with another guy when we lost contact.
I understood with her that day. But one thing is that while her relationship with the guy lasted, we were still as close as we were from inception. I stayed for three years without getting into a relationship because I hoped that at one point, they will eventually breakup.
Fast forward to 3 years later. A lot happened that year. 
To be continued guys, stay tuned! 

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