Love Life (EP1)

1 Jul 2022

So I met this girl in High School, she is so pretty and has everything a guy wants in a woman. 
We got along in no time and we became best of friends. We bonded so well that even when we had some shortcomings, we were still as though there was never a problem.
After High School, our friendship became more intimate and we shared good memories together. At a certain point, we lost contact basically because we were still very young (Me-17years and She-15years) and it took a while to get back in touch. As we got back in touch, I discovered that a certain guy had already taken my place. I can still remember how she took me out on a date and pleased with me to understand with her why and how she got into a relationship with another guy when we lost contact.
I understood with her that day. But one thing is that while her relationship with the guy lasted, we were still as close as we were from inception. I stayed for three years without getting into a relationship because I hoped that at one point, they will eventually breakup.
Fast forward to 3 years later. A lot happened that year. 
To be continued guys, stay tuned! 

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Wow very nice love story
Sometimes we get to question if true love really does exist. Love has a big effect in keeping the people together. Without love, people can't seem to work together.
Going through this my post again, and the thoughts of this story runs through my mind fresh as though it occurred recently. We all go through some shit at some point in our lives. That is it.
School life is very happy and now only tension . And I always best in our school.
Love sometimes is a bittersweet experience. But love is good, love hurts, love is a lot of things. But finding true love is satisfying.