Ways to get better relations with women

21 Feb 2023

When there is no relationship, anyone will feel that the single life is very lonely, and many people will hate this kind of days when they are accompanied by others, and will feel that it is very joyful to fall in love.

Only people who are in love know how difficult it is to manage a love relationship. Sometimes, we feel that the other party doesn't understand him at all, and he can't understand what he is doing. He doesn't understand a lot of what he says, and he feels that it is better more comfortable to live alone.

Love is like this. When the passion has passed, the rest is slowly dull. If two people can't handle the relationship well, then it is very likely that this love will end here!

Love needs to be managed, especially for a man, if you can't speak, then it is very likely that the woman around you will fall in love with other men.

For a woman, she can't hate the man she likes praising her and confessing to herself, so men must not be bashful in saying these things to women.

The first is to praise the woman's appearance, "you are beautiful" will make women feel that they are really beautiful, and then she regains her confidence and is more willing to stay by your side.

The second is the affectionate confession "I love you" how many times to say it is not too much, every time you say it, it will make a positive effect to the woman and she feel that your love feeling for her is true.

The last is long-term companionship. You have to tell her that you will always accompany her, which will make her feel particularly secure and feel that she has found support.

So with a woman, if you want your relationship to get better and better, then you have to say these things more.

Importance of these 3 Words

"You are so beautiful"

When you praise her for her beauty, she will feel that no one can replace her in your heart. Complimenting a person will make the other person's mood better. Compliment her every day, the relationship will get closer and closer, and she will feel particularly comfortable when she gets along with you.

Over time, she will not be able to leave you, and will feel that you are the person who can appreciate her the most in the world.

"I love you"

In the eyes of many men, "I love you" is something that is only said when first chasing a woman. When the love mission is complete, then there is no need to say such words.

Because of this many woman will feel that men's love decreases slowly, so their relationship will be worse and worse.

Therefore, when you get along with a woman, you must learn to confess continuously. “I love you” saying more will only increase your relationship. If you don't say these words, she will also feel that you don't love her, and then slowly relations are broken.

"I will accompany you"

In fact, in a relationship, what a woman likes most is security and romance. If a man can give her enough security, then she will feel that this man is very reliable.

To love a woman, you must let her feel your warmth, and let her feel that you are a only man who can make her happy for a lifetime, after she has a sense of security in her heart, it will not be so easy to leave you.


In fact, not all women are materialistic. Many times men like a woman in the way they think, and they always think that women like luxury goods and money.

In fact, a woman who truly loves you, even if you say a word casually, she will take it to heart and will be happy for a long time.

So, don't be shy to say nice things to women, if you want to have a good relationship, you have to say something nice.

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