My lovely sister

13 Sept 2022

Many years ago, my mom gave birth to my last sibling 'Ima' which translates to LOVE. I love her so much and I treat her like she is my own child and I know most of you all will say that being the first born, it is my duty to take care of my siblings like they are my own kids. Months ago, Ima was critically ill, I didn't know what to do about the situation as she wasn't responding to the medications that was being administered to her. I was scared for her life as I would see her gasp for breath every now and then. During that period, she was bedridden as other days but this time, it was in the inner room and nobody was watching her. When I got into the room, I saw her body shaking violently and her eyeballs as white as snow. I was scared she was about to give up. I cried as I carried her on my back and rushed her outside where I poured warm water over her and forced back her tongue in and suddenly, the shaking stopped. Skipping to the present day, Ima just started secondary school yesterday and I cried when she left for school because deep down I knew I could have easily lost her if I didn't show up in time. She's one of the people I'll give the world to.

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