Who Am I ?

14 Dec 2022

round six o'clock in the evening of June 1958, Surat station was crowded. Platform Mr. sitting on the train bench of number three. In the body temple of Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, 'Dada Bhagwan', who has been eager to express himself since many births in natural form, was fully manifested and nature created a wonderful wonder of spirituality! Vishwadarshan in one hour ! who are you Who is God? Who is running the world? What is Karma? What is called Mukti? Etc. Complete solution to all spiritual questions in the world! And all the spiritual questions of the world were fully explained.

Nature thus provided a unique, complete vision to the world and the medium of this became Ambalal Mooljibhai Patel, who was a Patil of Bhadran village in Charotar district of Gujarat, a contract trader and yet a complete Vitraag Purush. In the same way that he attained enlightenment, he was enlightening other mumukshuns in just two hours. By experimenting with wonderful knowledge. It is called akrama (orderless ) path. Akram means without order and order means to climb up step by step! Akram is the elevator way! Short cut !! He himself asked everyone 'Dada Bhagwan who?' They used to say, 'These people are not 'Dada Bhagwan'. This is A.M. Patel is. We are Jnanipurusha and manifest within is Dada Bhagavan. He is the nath of the four worlds, he is also in you, he is in everyone! In you lies latent and fully expressed 'here'! I am not God myself. also salute the 'Dada Bhagwan' manifested within me.' There should be religion in trade but there should be no trade in religion. He lived his entire life with this theory. They will never take this money from anyone in life No, on the contrary, he used to make pilgrimages to the devotees from the profit from his own business. The direct link to self-enlightenment, I am going to give some people the achievement from my hands. I want someone after me or not! Then people need a way (shower) or not? - Dadashri Param Pujya Dadashri got the knowledge, that wonderful self-knowledge, which he traveled around the country and abroad and gave it to other people in two hours, is called Jnanavidhi. Dadashri during his lifetime, Reverend Dr. Neerubahan Amin (Neeruma) was granted the knowledge of self-enlightenment. After Dadashri's demise, Neeruma was giving satsang and self-enlightenment to Mumukshujans, as an excuse. At the same time, Pujya Deepakbhai
Dadashri had granted the siddhi of satsang. In the presence of Pujya Neerum, with his blessings, Pujya Deepakbhai used to go to many places in the country and abroad and give enlightenment to Mumukshu, which continues even today after the death of Pujya Neerum. After attaining this self-knowledge, thousands of mumukshus are living in the world, free from all responsibilities and experiencing self-rejoicing.

The speech written in the book has proved to be very useful for the purpose of guiding the savior. But for the purpose of attaining salvation, self-knowledge is necessary. Attainment of self-knowledge through Akram Marg continues even today. For that, it is possible only when one attains self-realization by meeting the real self-knowledge. A lighted lamp can light another lamp


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