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1 Jul 2022

I first heard about Data Analytics some time ago when I was speaking to a friend about in-demand skills in the tech industry. I picked an interest in Data Analytics but because of how busy school was, I didn’t really pay much mind as I was focused on my schoolwork. The ASUU strike came, and the school had to be closed for a month as was said by the union. During the first month of the strike, I was basically doing nothing at home, just sleeping, reading some novels, and studying in-between because I still held the possibility of school resuming in the stipulated 1-month period. 2 months have passed, and the 3rd was starting, and I realized that time was just passing by, and I needed to start doing something with my life. I decided to acquire a tech skill and the first that came to mind was Data Analytics. I did some extensive research and took an introductory course, and I began to like the idea of Data Analysis. The ability to extract meaningful insight and make impactful business decisions based on available data which is the entirety of what Data Analysis is about excited me and made a lot of sense to me. And it was at this point that I decided that I will further a career in Data Analytics no matter how long it was going to take.

Stay Tuned.

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