The Legacy of King James

20 Mar 2022

Lebron James is now the 2nd all-time leading scorer in NBA history.

At age 37, Lebron is playing like he was in his teens, 20s... and 30s. Yes, he's playing like his usual self, his usual league's best player self. And in his 19th season, he's surpassed Karl Malone (a.k.a. the Mailman a.k.a. the Mailman-I-love-kids) to become the 2nd all-time scorer in NBA history. Now he just needs to reach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to cement himself as the best scorer ever... or does he?

At this point, Lebron has achieved so much both on and off the court that it's simply hilarious to even question his legacy. Apart from the aforementioned monumental scoring feat, he also holds records in just about every longevity-related category you can think of (especially in the playoffs). Just scroll through this list and try not to orgasm. And think about how many kids get to receive education thanks to his "I Promise School"? Even though he himself didn't receive the best education, he wants his neighbourhood kids to grow as intellectuals. Am I the only one climaxing right now?

I know there's still fans who are adamant that Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and I can't disagree. Lebron's Lakers performing beyond poorly at the moment isn't really helping his case. But the level of disrespect Lebron faces on a daily basis is something I can't wrap my head around. "There's LeGM trying to trade Westbrook. All that help in Miami and they still lost to Jason Terry in the finals. 3-6 haha!" I think we're all too ungrateful for being able to witness this godlike player write the final chapters of his career in front of our eyes. Imagine if MJ played in today's era. His mini retirement to play baseball would be a great target for 12-year-olds to meme about.

I can't wait for that retrospective regret we'll all feel once Lebron retires. Just like how Kobe tragically passed away, you never know how good something is until it's gone. So just enjoy the show, appreciate greatness, and stop f**king hating on LeGOAT.

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