Custom Rom

31 May 2022

Custom rom is desired OS which you want to install in your android device and use it for for fun but it voids your warrenty and security as well.
Instead of buying a new phone people can  install custom rom to enjoy the feel of new os 
Few popular custom roms are -

Pixel experience


Corvus OS

Havoc OS

Evolution X

These are the required things for installing custom roms --

Fully Charged Android Device
USB Data cable
Android SDK-platform tools
Custom recovery 
Custom Rom
Gapps (optional ) = Google apps
Magisk (optinal) = if you need root access
And the most important thing is PATIENCE , it takes a lot of time 

Now follow these steps for installing rom-

Backup your device
Install reqiuired smartphone drivers in pc
Install android - SDK platform tools
Enable your USB debugging by enabling developer settings and OEM unlocking
Unlock your device bootloader
Install custom recovery  -- TWRP & OFRP
Install custom rom
Install gapps
Install Magisk for root access
Now reset and boot up 

And Enjoy Your New OS


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