Finding Happiness (Pt2)

4 Oct 2022

what is it that really drives happiness? Let's consider four studies from around the world to answer that question. This is a continuation from the previous article.

Always Be Improving

An intriguing set of results on the causes of happiness were found in a 2007 study using data from the British Household Panel Survey. 1
What brings us happiness—having what we want or getting what we want? Contrarily, research appears that dynamic activities like "beginning a new relationship" rather than the condition of "being married" are what makes us the happiest.

How to be happy at work follows the same principle. Happiness was more impacted by "getting a new job" than employment status. Being a parent had less of an impact on happiness than "being pregnant." Similar to this, happy outcomes included "beginning a new course," "passing an exam," and "purchasing a new property."
The end of a relationship, losing a career, and losing a parent, on the other hand, had a low link to happiness. What does this all mean, and what is bringing happiness to Britons? Let's think about this for a bit.

Positive dynamic situations appear to be more important than static ones. All of this may seem a bit superficial, but if you think of happiness as a "momentary" emotion, it makes some sense.
What lessons can we draw from this research? Realize that there is always a chance that a happy occurrence could be waiting for you around the corner if you want to pursue happiness in your life or maintain your optimistic outlook.
If you don't feel like waiting, go ahead and create a cheerful situation. The greatest way to forecast your future is to make it, as Abraham Lincoln once said.


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