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2 Feb 2023

NFT development and current difficulties

We saw that in early days most of the scenarios in NFT were relatively small and because of this market did not develop smoothly. For example, when artwork NFT became popular, a large number of traditional artists began to issue NFTs in order to sell their works at high prices and some artists also ignoring the quality of the artwork. This phenomenon is especially in some chain games that use NFT as a prop, which also makes this part of NFT not show their own value.

We all know that artworks have a certain degree of scarcity. The black penny stamps are expensive because they are scarce in the world. Similarly, if the number of NFT artworks and game props cannot be restricted, then there is a market crash in future. However, the application scenarios of NFTs such as props and artworks are relatively few, their development has also been restricted, which is also dilemma faced in the early stage.

Chair Finance brings new opportunities to the NFT section

We all know that NFT artworks correspond to artworks in real life. NFT game props represent props in the game. Their usage scenarios are limited. Therefore, after a wave of hype in the market, many people Lost interest in such NFT products.

In fact , from the perspective of the issuance of NFT- related tokens, it may not be very innovative, but NFT can enable people to have greater application space in many fields, such as copyright, financial assets, digital identities, data and other things that we can’t see. Represents the NFT equity, and the trillions of huge trading market brought about by this.

For example Chair Finance providing NFT solutions in NFT sales, many well-known Silicon Valley technology companies and the industry's leading institutional investors support chair finance, in fact, this has shown that venture capital institutions such as silicon valley have paid attention to the opportunities brought by chair finance to the industry.

The rise of Metaverse has made people have a clearer understanding of the rights and interests represented by NFT . NFT also has its own position in the world of Metaverse . Chair Finance has therefore ushered in the attention of the market. Chair Finance actually represents the equity of NFT in the market, such as copyright, sports tickets, stamps, personal IP , creative content, etc. Through NFTization , it can be transferred and destroyed. Chair Finance also gives NFT more Multiple application scenarios.

Innovative INO gameplay

INO is a kind of gameplay pioneered by Chair Finance . The full name is Initial NFT Offering . In short, it is to use the previously locked tokens to create equity NFTs to make them flow. Through INO , funds can be made in a timely manner. Efficient circulation can also enable participants to quickly realize cash, etc. At the same time, because INO assets have a certain market value, more gameplay can be derived, and the imagination space is also very huge.

The most typical approach of INO is to make private equity locked-up tokens NFT , which can then be sold through the market, which can effectively increase the liquidity of locked-up assets. The locked assets are packaged and circulated through the Chair Finance platform, which meets the needs of some investors for the realization of locked assets. At the same time, the corresponding trading market is established through Chair Finance to attract more people to participate. Since the locked-up asset itself represents a kind of future equity, investors can buy it in the market, and even realize the corresponding arbitrage strategy.

Auction mining increases the enthusiasm of participants

Auction mining is a feature of Chair Finance . The method of auction mining is similar to the exchange's pending order incentive activities. This method provides sufficient liquidity for the market, so that the value of the lot can be truly reflected.

The traditional auction method is multi-person bidding. In the end, only the winning bidder gets the lot, and most other participants can only accompany them. Therefore, this also makes the participants less motivated, while auction mining requires all users participating in the auction and these users can get corresponding auction dividends, in this way they encourage investors to actively bid, and then gain market vitality, but also has popularity.

Auction mining incentives can attract a large number of users to participate and bring more user groups and traffic to Chair Finance . For auction mining users, this part of the revenue is equivalent to a free gift, so auction mining There are two key points in the mine, the first is the ratio of bids, and the second is the time of bidding. The weight of auction mining is set according to these two parameters. The earlier the bid, the greater the weight of the reward obtained by auction mining, and the higher the income will eventually be obtained. Auction mining has promoted a four-win situation to a certain extent, and for the original owner of the lot, a higher price can be auctioned. For the lottery winners, mining gains income. For the auction platform Chair Finance , it has gained a higher popularity among participants, which is also a valuable asset.

Chair Finance is mainly divided into three stages. The purpose of Chair Finance is to create an entrance to the meta-universe world, combining social attributes, bringing together content planets, innovative NFT gameplay in the meta-universe, and realizing players experience of the meta-universe world.

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