Paysenger is launching beta-testing of the Reward Distribution System today.

27 Sept 2022

Paysenger has a Fair Reward Distribution system which awards all users of the social platform for participating in various activities - including idea makers (requesters), creators and fans. Currently, reward distribution is based on the Moonbeam testnet system.

For now, rewards will be accrued in tEGO (Testnet EGO). In Paysenger rewards are earned from content creation. The main source for earning rewards is through co-creation of viral content. Both idea makers and creators 📷will be able to earn rewards.

However, it’s important to note that Idea Makers will get 75% of the rewards associated with any particular content they purchased 🛒and Creators will get 25%. Paysenger is using this method of allocation in order to highlight the importance of the role an Idea Maker plays as they’re the ones who generate ideas 💡and initiate paid requests.

During the first stage,Paysenger will daily distribute💸10k tEGO to co-creators of top performing content and 💸1k tEGO to the most active users for participating in social activities such as giving likes, shares and comments.

All rewards will be calculated and accrued on a daily basis.
💎Rewards can be claimed by users at any time on Moonbeam testnet.

Official channel @ego_paysenger_en

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Diana jade
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