20 Aug 2022

There she walked in, her long brown hair swaying in the morning breeze
A beauty to behold no one could have been ready for this

We've been classmates for years and I've never looked at her this way
"Go say hi to her" my friend said, I'm not her type I replied in dismay

I usually think that something is wrong with me, like a part of me is broken
Maybe that's why whenever I'm around her, I don't seem to be outspoken 

But when I think too much about it, I conclude my problem is the fear of rejection 
So I would lie to my friends " I don't like this particular girl, I promise to approach the next one"

While I sat there questioning how someone's daughter could be so stunning 
It's quite unbelievable that I was looking at her direction yet didn't see her coming 

"Hey Jude Umoren" she said, "I've noticed you stare at me all day"
I don't know what came over me when I replied "Nothing, you look great by the way"

"If you aren't busy, I was hoping both of us could hang later, Emily"
"She replied "sure" as she left and I caught my friend from across the class mouthing "FINALLY!"

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tryna look tough
I keep coming back to read Emily. Such a masterpiece
Took me months of procrastination to write this 😁
What a story