launches its Payment service for Shopify

18 May 2022

Merchants utilizing the Shopify e-commerce platform can now accept cryptocurrency payments using Pay, a feature provided by the crypto platform.

American online content delivery network and DDoS mitigation business Cloudflare have announced that they're commencing their next round of tests in the Web3 sector, concentrating on Ethereum ETH.

Nodes on the Cloudflare network will be launched and fully staked over the next few months, Cloudflare stated, adding that these nodes would be used as a testing ground for research into energy efficiency, consistency management, and network performance.

A network of specialized service providers, Ethereum's mainnet, and the Polygon Network MATIC can now be accessed via the EY OpsChain API services for corporate customers, EY has said in a press release.

In addition, they contain the capacity to implement token contracts, which allow for the minting, transfer, or burning of tokens.

According to Forbes, customers of Fireblocks, a leading supplier of blockchain infrastructure, can now access crypto exchanges, NFT markets, and other decentralized apps on numerous networks via a single interface.

Web3 Engine also contains treasury management, risk mitigation tools, and tokenization mechanisms for controlling NFTs' allow listing, minting, burning, and transfer, according to a study.

Protocol for inter-chain communications Blockchain Algorand ALGO now has official support from Wormhole.

The Wormhole ecosystem's other blockchain systems will be allowed to utilize Algorand users' protocols free of charge.

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