Australia Day - what it means to me

19 Jan 2023

Hi, I’d like to share what Australia Day means to me - this is under no circumstances supposed to reflect any political or race view, merely how my family spend Australia Day…
For as long as I can remember, Australia Day has been spent with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine and listening to Triple J (ABC National Radio) Hottest 100 - a countdown of the best songs over the past year.
In most recent times, we share a beachside camping holiday with great friends - 3 families with a bunch of kids.
We explore something new every year - looking for jump rocks - (as high as we can into the ocean), hike, surf, have cook offs, drink plenty of beers, play beach cricket, play beach footy and play cards - there are no TV’s.
Whilst the kids are all off in the surf, on stand up paddle boards, surf boards, inflatable tubes - whatever it may be, the adults are just cruising - it’s our best trip of the year and we all start looking forward to next year, when we’re just leaving this time - so there’s 12 months of build up.
This year is going to be the same, with some great looking weather.
We all share a love for the great outdoors, sunshine and the ocean.
Happy Days 🤙

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