I Cast My Vote.

9 Feb 2024

Ballet vote is basic key in election process which is beauty of democracy. People choose their representatives by their vote for next term of government tenor of five years. People have huge awareness and eagerness now a days due to mobilization on social media and motivation through latest techniques.

Elections in my homeland three kind of balleting in process with different categories. Like ,

Senate ( upper house) has totally different balleting system where elected members of provincial assemblies do voting for the senate candidates. Senators elected for four years and has role in constitution matters. but other two has direct voting system from common people.

In direct balleting system currently three slabs are working.

  • Prisoner's voting
  • Government employees ( on duty that day)
  • Common people on ground.
  • Overseas voting ( muted currently).

Prisoner's voting.
In all the Jails, police and federal investigation custody centers the prisoners has a right of vote and they use it in these centers. According to their data base Election Commission alloted them ballet paper and same center becomes their polling station. The process of their voting completes one day earlier then general election date.

Government employees ( on duty)
All the employees wherever they are appointed will get the ballet paper by post and they will thumb, sign on candidate and will send back to Election commission. These employees including border security forces, aviation and naval forces, teachers.

Common people voting.
In this category we all civilians physical appearance on polling stations and cast our vote.
So ,
Feb 8th 2024 ( yesterday) was a day of general election in my homeland where we cast the votes for national assembly and provincial assemblies on same time. The process is simple,
Local government marked the polling stations in each Union council area which can be identified by sending CNIC number to 8300 code from any mobile number.

The process.
I reached on polling station where the polling agents of candidates were outside in a camp. They provided a voter block number which I should show to get the ballet paper. Once I got that voter block number, I went inside and stands in long queue.
By moving on turtle speed I reached to assistant presiding officer who check my national identity card witj voter block number and cross check his record. After full satisfaction he made seal on his record, get my thumb print on his record and place a permanent ink mark on my right hand thumb.
Next I went to balleting officer for national assembly who gives me a grean printed paper on which all the candidates of the consistency with their election symbols were presented. Other balleting officer gives me a white balleting paper of provincial assembly as well .

Now I took both papers and went to a cabin where I put seal on my favourite political leader's name. Fold the both papers and drop in given boxs on the table of polling station presiding officer.

( Selfie with marked thumb)

That's all , I do my duty.Hope you will like , upvote the article and will leave comments for feedback.

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