How can I control my sugar cravings?

17 Jun 2022

*How can I control my sugar cravings?*

Main thing behind sugar cravings

1. Sugar cravings are towards processed sugar, not natural sugar

2. When you drink less water everyday than suger craving increase

3. Not proper management of protein in diet

How to better suger craving

1. Your focus should be on consuming natural sugar that is *fruits* .

2. By eating more fruits your need of eating sweet reduces as your requirement of sweetness is fulfilled by natural food (ie: fruits)

★ You will never get addicted to sugar coming from fruits, but within few days you can get addicted to the sugar coming from ice cream, desserts & bread!

Try this trick that I explain in this article

“Eat only fruits till 12pm every single day”

Let me know your feedback on how effective this trick was!

Stay tuned with me for more interesting and informative knowledge about health and life.

Eat healthy do good exercise and live peacefully

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exercise is also such an important activity to reduce sugar consumption.
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