A Good watch

6 Aug 2022

I’m not one to  watch movies over and over again, but “pirates of the Caribbean” has me hooked, I recently got the 2003- 2011 version from a friend and I’ve been guffawing. 

The movie is a mixture of myth and comedy, captain Jack sparrow is my best character, he carries and plays the role of a pirate seamlessly, one will believe that he was one originally. There are certain points in the movie where I’m actually convinced he has come to his end but he springs up and does something entirely foolish, I would like to think him as my spirit animal. 

I joke around my feelings to mask my true emotions, I see that quality in him too especially when bootstrap told him Davy Jones locker was real and coming for him.  Jack sparrow is awfully intellectual and tricky is exemplified by his witty remarks, and his attempt to take over his ship from Barbossa. The movie is not predictable and a fun watch. 

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1 Comment

Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise a great. I agree they are movies you can watch a number of times.