Manners of Speak in calls

22 Oct 2022

Appropriate Time : As a general rule, if you want to call someone's house, do not do it before seven in the morning or after eleven at night. By the way, this rule has many
There are exceptions. Many things depend on who is calling whom and how important the call is. • When answering the phone:

It is generally customary to say 'hello' when answering the phone after picking up the phone. In fact, it is necessary to say so. Some people, however, say their phone number or name without saying anything after picking up the phone. Like, ... 6415911, or 'Sharma talking.....

In some big houses, the house name is also used as an office name

is used.

'Burman House, good morning.'

When you get a phone call in the office, say hello first and then the office

The naming method is commonly used.

'Good morning. Pashupati Akralon.' or 'Good afternoon. Modi Rubber. ' By speaking on the phone in this way, the caller is convinced that he has placed the correct phone or not. So without saying anything else he immediately starts talking about the main point.

• Identifying:

As soon as you are sure that you have got the number you want, tell your identity first.

If it's a personal phone call and everyone in the family knows you by voice, ask everyone first and then tell them who you want to talk to. This conversation might generally go something like this.

Speaker: 'Hello,

You: This number is 2415673?

Speaker: Yes.

You: I speak Ruchika. Who do you talk to? Speaker: Hi Ruchika, I am Radha.
You: Hello sister, (You know that Radha is your friend's elder sister.) How are you? : That's great. how are you Haven't seen you in a long time?


you are He was busy in studies. Didi, how is Rima? She there


Is it around? yes, yes she is I call her immediately. Till then you wait..... Then she calls her younger sister. Then you with her

can speak

• Call back :

If for some reason or by mistake the phone is interrupted while talking, the person who initially hung up the phone should call back and finish the conversation. In such a case, the responsibility of calling back is on the person who placed the phone first. If you are not free to take a call at a certain time or you are out somewhere and the caller has left a message for you, you are responsible for making the call after receiving the message.

If you get a wrong number (which happens most of the time), don't hang up the phone without saying anything. Apologize to whoever is talking to you on the phone. Let's say you pick up the phone and it's a wrong number, don't get upset. Calmly tell the caller, 'Sorry, you entered the wrong number.' Then leave the receiver as calmly as possible. If you keep getting the wrong number, don't take out your anger on the person who answers the phone. Inquire at the telephone exchange as to why you keep getting the wrong number, or put the receiver down for a while and call later.

Likewise, if you keep getting wrong numbers, don't just calmly tell them it's a wrong number until the first few calls, or put your receiver away for a while. So it may be convenient for the caller to enter the desired phone number.

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Nice article, thanks.
Dave Ating
Thanks for this education. I hope my neighbor could ready this so that he wouldn't disturb me with his night calls. The most annoying part is he talks on night calls as though it is during the day
We hope that when you read these rules, awareness on this issue will increase even more.