BULBers, We Are Better Than AI…

11 Dec 2022

BULBers…We Are So much Better Than AI

I was blown away by the development in the AI space when I first tried ChatGPT, it showed me just how powerful this technology is becoming and I instantly thought about 100 different ways it could improve efficiency in day to day life.

To be frank, my exact next thought was fuck, this is going to become a huge problem for not only BULB but the creator economy at large. To preface this article, it’s important to note that I strongly believe AI has value in the world and will improve efficiency in our day to day lives. To prove this point, I’ve actually used AI in this article to illustrate how it can be used but more importantly to explain why I do not believe it is a substitute for human interaction, under any circumstances.

I’m hoping this article can open a dialogue with this community, and others about how we tackle the banality of AI generated content…

Why am I so against the use of AI on BULB? Because it stifles human creativity and nuance, ingredients that are at the core of human interaction. While AI may be able to automate comments or generate a couple blog posts for you, it cannot replicate the unique perspective and individuality that comes from your ‘human mind’. Literally the most important thing you have to offer.

By relying on AI to create content, you are sacrificing the unique voice and personality that makes you, your content, your passions and ideas interesting and engaging for this community.

AI algorithms are only as good as the data they are trained on, which means that they may be biased or limited in their ability to generate new and original content. This will inevitably lead to the homogenisation of content on the platform, which is boring and simply uninspiring, particularly for the members who invest time, effort and energy into creating beautiful pieces of content.

Using AI to game the system goes against the principles of fairness and equality that are at the core of BULB. Anyone can tell if a comment has been automatically generated and when it doesn’t add meaning or value.

By using AI to automate tasks or generate content, some users may gain an unfair advantage over others, which can undermine the integrity of the platform and create a less enjoyable experience for everyone.

In short, we strongly discourage the use of AI to game the system on BULB. Not only does it sacrifice the creativity and individuality of human users, it can also lead to a decline in the quality and diversity of content on the platform.

We urge you to embrace creativity and individuality, and help create a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone on BULB.

Opinions matter, people matter, creativity matters. You can use AI to help you learn more about a topic before writing about it, overcome writers block, round out your argument with facts, give your writing structure or spell check for grammar and spelling errors. But let’s not fall victim into thinking it’s a substitute for nuance and creative thought!

Thank you.


AI has so much potential and there have been many software or AI engines that consolidate or generate content but ChatGPT, in my view takes it to another level. I agree where we can ensure humans are in the loop that use of AI will become more prevalent