Close-up inside the New Year's Eve fireworks display in Hanoi VIETNAM

9 Feb 2024

On the morning of February 9 (30 Tet), more than 100 officers and soldiers were present at Coconut Island in Thong Nhat Park (Hai Ba Trung district) to urgently install fireworks displays to serve people enjoying New Year's Eve. The year of Giap Thin 2024.
On the morning of Tet 30, the authorities are rushing to complete preparations at the New Year's Eve fireworks display on Coconut Island in Thong Nhat Park (Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi).
From early morning, more than 100 officers and soldiers of the Hai Ba Trung District Military Command, militia units of wards in the district and reinforcement forces of the Capital Command were present to carry out the mission.According to the plan, New Year's Eve fireworks will be set off for 15 minutes, from 0:00 a.m. to 0:15 a.m. on February 10.Dao Dua fireworks display will install 600 high-altitude fireworks combined with 90 low-range fireworks boxes.
The difference of the fireworks display compared to previous years is that there is a technical box supporting the fireworks display of the General Department of Defense Industry.
Ambulances and fire trucks are also arranged to be on duty at the fireworks display area from 6:00 a.m. on February 9 until the end of the fireworks display mission in the early morning of February 10.
On Lunar New Year's Eve 2024, Hanoi Capital is expected to have 31 fireworks displays, including: 4 high-altitude fireworks displays combining low-range fireworks and fire magic; 3 high-altitude fireworks displays combined with 24 low-altitude fireworks displays. Locations for high-altitude fireworks combined with low-altitude fireworks include: - Hoan Kiem District: in front of the headquarters of Hanoi New Newspaper and in front of Hanoi Post Office). - Tay Ho District: Lac Long Quan flower garden and in front of the district People's Committee gate. - Nam Tu Liem District: F1 racetrack campus, Phu Do ward. - Hai Ba Trung District: coconut island, Thong Nhat park, Le Dai Hanh ward. - Ha Dong District: Van Quan lake, Van Quan ward. - Son Tay town: Son Tay ancient citadel. - Thanh Tri district: regulating lake project land, Tam Hiep commune. - Dong Anh district: District Sports Center.

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