If life were a Movie- What will your title be?

9 Jul 2022

Understanding the principles of life can be really frustrating as there are a whole lot of factors that governs our exitence. Some are lucky while other aren't. Some live life to the fullest, while others shy away. What then is the right way live? Or is there any? Ponder on that,

My life has been a crazy journey so far, I have made lots of mistakes and I have made some great decisions too. With how depedent of a variable life is, it is very impossible to decode to what extent the outcome of our lives, 

Every thing we do is directly proportional to the next action we take, which makes life and endless loop of decision making of which one wrong move, affects the remaining move and yet we can't actually tell since there is no actual book or scroll that shows the best move we were supposed to take. 

To be continued...

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If life was actually a movie, I would have title it a "mystery'' Life keeps unfolding each day. Mine has been amazing and full of expectations.
If my life were actually a movie I really don't know what the title would be, but I am pretty sure they would be some suspense and comedy in it