Money isn't everything.

12 Sept 2022

Is quite how hilarious how we wake up every day to make money to sustain ourselves sometimes I wonder if making money is the reason we all came to earth. it doesn't matter how much one makes, for the biggest mistake anyone can make is believing that everything in the world revolves around money.

To remain at the top of the ladder, the rich do all it takes to make more even at the expense of the poor. The poor on the other hand work long hours at the expense of their health for little which disappears as soon as it is earned.

Is that all there is to life? Can the wealth of a man determine one's happiness? These questions can only be answered when questions such as "Why am I here on earth?" "What is my purpose of living?" are answered. For when one finds one's purpose only then can he find true happiness. To wrap it up money no doubt is very important but it doesn't solve all problems.

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