Do this to make a place in the women heart

19 Jan 2023

If you are obsequious in front of the woman from the beginning, then the woman will certainly feel that you have nothing to offer, and thus women will certainly feel that you have no future and will not even give you opportunities.

First of all, you have to understand the other party's hobbies and what the other party likes before you can give anything. Otherwise, blindly approaching the other person will make her feel that your love is legitimate, and in the end your love will become very humble.

You have to learn to care about her from the details, and you have to pay attention to her words and deeds, so that she will feel that you are a careful person.

Love the other party must be decisive, let her feel that your love is very firm, do not hesitate, let her feel that there is no place for any other girl in your heart, so that love for you can arise in his heart.

It is not difficult to pursue a woman, just be bold and careful, as long as you do these points, her heart will be yours one day. If you only know how to give thing and often don't understand what the other person is thinking, then it is difficult to make a place in the women heart.

Love, get used to her understanding

In fact, to pursue a woman, the most important thing is not what to give her, but to pursue her heart.

Women are very careful about love. After all, it is a lifetime thing. If you don't even know her hobbies when you are pursuing her, what are you doing to like her?

So, when you know what she likes, you can buy that thing for her and because of this she will think that you really love it.

Otherwise, your efforts are meaningless. If people like pears and you give them apples, then how can you win their hearts? In the end you can only imagine love life.

Caring to the point of word and deed

People who like you will even look at you differently. In fact, people are sometimes really willful, thinking that someone loves them, they can do whatever they want. This means that those who are loved to have no fear.

If there is a man who can do everything with him, protect him in everything, and make himself able to do, so in this way a girl will also like such a loving boy.

Women are weak and need to be protected. If you care about her, you must be consistent in your words and deeds, so that she can truly understand your love, so that she can give her heart to you.

Don't let a woman see that you hesitate to her

If you can be firmly chosen by one person, then no matter how many people oppose you, you will become the most solid shield of the other person.

So, when you love a woman, you must be firm, let her know your sincerity for her, let her know that you can trust her, don't let her be afraid. This is the best way to give a woman a sense of security and because of this effort her heart will always be yours.

If you say too much sweet words, she will feel that you are an unreliable man. You have to use your actions to prove to her, and tell her with your heart that you really like her, so that the relationship can last for a long time.

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