Letter To Grandchildren

19 Oct 2022
Many blessings to you, Uddhav, Megha, Mihika, and Janhvi.

How often does it cross my mind to sit down with you four and engage in a lively conversation? Let me describe my childhood to you. Let me describe my experiences in high school and college, as well as what I learned from books, friends, and teachers. However, the most important thing I learned came from my parents, who were your great-grandparents' mothers. But in reality, it's impossible to have an honest conversation with you, so I thought I might write you a letter instead.

I was advised to educate myself. A village in Maharashtra is called Sangli. A large field and a garden were close at our school. We used to dance, play, climb trees, and get drenched in the rain while having a blast there. Get away from your big city at least for your holiday and visit a place with a milder temperature or a small town. observing flocks of birds chirping. It's also a lot of pleasure to listen to the noises of numerous forest animals. A delightful scene is created by an open sky, a moving river, and trees; you should appreciate it.

I can only speak for myself, but I struggled in school. But I enjoy playing. And I developed an early interest in badminton. Have you seen all the pictures of me with different shields and cups? I had to put in a lot of effort if I wanted to improve. I competed for my nation in international competitions and received the Arjuna Award. some

You must participate in sports. So choose whichever sport you enjoy, whether it's badminton, tennis, or cricket. Sports help us develop discipline in our lives. Games give us the joy of winning and teach us how to handle any situation. They also teach us how to lose, even when we have to.

No one should use the justification that they don't have time to exercise every day. Are you obligated to eat because you are pressed for time? Why not have both meals? Find the correct time? Do you concur with my assertions? Even now, at the age of 66, I do not feel like eating if there is no exercise. You will have less and less time as you get older and transition from high school to college, but you still need to set aside an hour or two for exercise. Whether it involves working out outdoors, in a club, or in a special "gym."

You do realise that not everything in life is taught in schools and colleges? Therefore, as you get older, you learn from yourself. When playing tennis, we determine whether a ball is in or out of bounds and then decide whether to play it or not. You should also be aware of what is healthy for you in real life. In other words, you need to develop your independence. should be independent. We are currently in the third millennium. The reach of messaging, communication, and other forms of media is likewise expanding. Through e-mail and the Internet, you can now obtain the information you require while remaining at home. Don't let, though, your close relationships with your loved ones slip away.

I wish you all the best in the new millenium!

adore you


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