When will Kali Yuga end?

29 Jul 2022

Today's man is worried about Kaliyuga and the great destruction of the universe, but if he knows the truth, he becomes happy instead of sad, this is a hidden secret of Raja Yoga meditation. It is a matter of happiness that the great transformation of the world is near and the golden age is coming soon. Today many people say that Kali Yuga is still a child, it has millions more years. According to the scriptures, there is still a lot of time left in the great destruction of the universe. But now the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, says that now the age of Kali has become old. Kaliyuga is not yet a child, but a little is left. Now this is the closest thing to the great destruction of the world.
Now that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva is incarnating and drinking the nectar of knowledge, they are deprived of him. Today even scientific experts say that the speed with which the population is increasing, the yield of food is not increasing in this proportion, so they declare great destruction as a result of very severe famine.
Those who have understood that there are still millions of years left in Kaliyuga, they are spending their time only in material things, they are returning their own good fortune. Now the Kali-age world is breathing its last, it is on its death-bed. This lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego! afflicted by diseases.

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In today's era, most people consider Kaliyuga responsible for the decline of human values. In such a situation, whenever such things come to the fore, people say that this is the effect of the whole Kaliyuga. But do you know that in our religious scriptures it has also been said about the end of Kali Yuga.
Well portrayed
Kali Yuga is considered to be the most atrocious era. Out of these four ages, the beginning of Satya Yuga and the end will be on Kali Yuga. These eras are believed to go on in a cycle. From Satyug to Kaliyug, there will be a lack of spirituality in men and women and morality will end in them.
I am not agree with this because there are many years are left for the end of this kali yuga
Kaliyuga is filled with many disasters and filthy ideas > after Kaliyuga a new era will start with prosperity and many blessings. And sad thing is that we will not be there to witness these .