Gambling God - Part 6

19 Oct 2022

This is a thriller story continue from Part 5…

Pluto has escaped from the penthouse through the hidden door behind the cabinet that led to the staircase of the building.

The pit boss felt dampness in his pants as he knew Pluto would have known that he leaked Pluto’s hypnotizing ability out to Mickey and sold the winning secret. He quickly took the suitcase of cash which Mickey had prepared for him as the reward for the set up to beat Pluto, and sneak out of the building.

While Mickey had his mind on the contingency plan to face Pluto’s vengeance………

A few days later, the pit boss appeared at China’s Guangzhou Railway station walking in a hurry to aboard the last train of the day to escape to Shanghai. He was relieved after entering a compartment room and sat down on the bed.

But moments later the compartment door slid open, he saw four men in black suits entering into his room, he was horrified to see Pluto appeared after the four men. Pluto said coldly ‘Why leave in a hurry! My friend. Let me look at the pulse of your heart beating in real flesh and blood’, Pluto motioned the four men to hold down the pit boss then take out a surgical knife and push it into the Pit boss’s chest..………

Another month had past..........

All the underworld gang members are anticipating the gambling match they have been waiting for years.

Pluto Vs Mickey in a Macau style poker match named “show hand” (kind of like Stud poker) which each player is dealt with 5 cards with one card face down the following four cards face up.

This gambling match will settle all the grievances between the Pluto and Mickey; the two prominent heads of the underground family in Macau.

Hundreds of local gang members gathered in the biggest night club of Macau; located at the 15th floor on top of a hotel in Taipa; to watch the real gambling match without tricks and sleight of hands.

They sat in seats that were staged around a large centre table with green cloth where Pluto and Mickey sat opposite to each other. The wager on the table is the sum of their personal wealth totalling $20 million USD.

The dealer is provided by the owner of the hotel who is the king of underworld bosses named Dr Ho, he guarantees the integrity of the match and ensure that there are no tricks involved. The opponents would have to use their real gambling skills. That made this the beauty of the gambling match.

Despite the huge crowd the audience were in dead silence when the match begins. The dealer quickly dealt the cards to Pluto and Mickey as follows:

Mickey – One card faced down, Ace of spades, King of spades, Queen of spades and Jack of Spades.

Pluto – One card faced down, Ace of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, 2 of Clubs.

After a series of raise bets, both parties had pushed out all their piles of money on the centre totalling $20 millions USD 

It is Mickey’s turn to make the final call, Pluto said with his emotionless face ‘we have bet all our money now’.

Mickey twisted his gold ring on his left pinkie and said quietly ‘Lets bet our lives on top of the pot, who lose the bet will need to jump off the building from this 15th floor, I want to revenge my father’s death’.

The audience watched in awe and mingled with each other.

Pluto still remained cool as ever without revealing any body language that give hint of his poker hand, he slowly flipped open the faced down card, it is 2 of hearts.

The audience uttered an excited snore.

Mickey’s heart pounded and suddenly stopped twisting his gold ring on his left pinkie, he had revealed his weakness to Pluto. Pluto said ‘I only have a pair of 2, but I will follow your bet’

Mickey stared at Pluto’s face and amazed ‘You did not pull any tricks?’

Pluto answered honestly ‘No, no tricks, I played this match with my real skills with you, I beat you with my 50 years of gambling experience in reading poker face, many people knew that I have winning secrets and magic illusions, but they don’t realise I have the best skills in all kinds of games, I am truly the King of the Kings in Macau’s gambling world’.

The audience watched and listened in awe many were stunted with their eyes frozen and with their mouths open, because Mickey’s hand is not revealed yet but Pluto knew what it is already……It appeared Mickey accepted his defeat.

Mickey stood up slowly and walked to the balcony, he climbed and stand onto the hand rail of the balcony. The dealer flipped open Mickey’s faced down card, it was 5 of hearts, it only contained a high card with Ace of Spades, Mickey has been bluffing but he lost to Pluto’s pair of 2.

Mickey has been bluffing all along without showing any sign but at the end his deception was revealed and caught by Pluto at the moment when Pluto showed him the pair of 2.

The exact moment when Mickey’s the last card was flipped open by the dealer and announced Pluto the winner, Mickey pushed his feet away from the hand rail and felt straight down onto the street 15th floor below……

Pluto walked to the balcony and looked down to see Mickey’s dead body before exhaled deeply into the cold winter air and felt a strong sense of loneliness…………….End.  

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Again yet another suspenseful and intriguing series of events. One could easily think that the saying “I will bet my life in that” indicating a sure thing has some interesting connection here. Enjoying the series. Thank you.
We are having a huge opportunity to earn a good money in gambling
Gambling is the good option for a quick money ,but majority it losses all your funds