6 Oct 2022

Many times we've heard take risks, take risks you never know what's going to happen until you take the risk. As every other thing in life, risk has its advantages and disadvantages. When you want to take risks, consider the ratio of what you going to loose to the ratio of what you are going to gain. Sometimes it isn't what they say it'll be. There are things you risk and there are things you don't risk, there also times you risk and there are times you don't risk. They say taking risk teaches you, makes you experience, give you an insight to what you could have done right no doubt about all these facts, taking risks can teach someone all this but what happens when you or the person you are telling to take this risk cannot recover from it? What will you do? There are risks that ends people's careers, there are risks that out people back into their parents house or on the streets, there are risks that could mess with you psychologically. When taking risks, weigh everything that is in play, seek advice make sure it is a risk that if it goes south you can recover from don't just take risks blindly because of what people say it teaches.


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