13 Modern Ways to Impress a Girl

31 May 2022

Contrary to popular beliefs, women are actually quite easy to please. They are a paradox of complicated feelings and simple wants. All they crave for is love and undivided attention. That’s it! Everything else is secondary and manageable. 

Remember that an independent lady doesn’t need you. She has all she needs. If you think that you can really make something beautiful out of the two of you, then make her want you.

Now that you know the secret, let’s get down to the basics. Here are 13 sure shot ways to impress a girl. Follow them and you can thank us later. 

Love is in the details
It’s the small gestures that capture the maximum space in her heart. If you want to impress a girl, do the little things that keep her happy- have a meaningful conversation, go for long walks, look at her like no one else does … those silent speeches, catching each other’s eye, whispering those sweet nothings can definitely take your friendship to the next level. 

Complement Her
Best way to compliment a girl and impress her will vary depending on the girl and the situation.

However, some tips on how to compliment a girl and impress her may include making her feel special and appreciated, paying attention to her, and being genuine in your compliments. You can use following lines to complement her :-

-Tell her she looks beautiful
-Tell her she is smart and witty
-Tell her she is a great friend
-Tell her she is talented
-Tell her she is a great listener
-Tell her she has a great sense of humor
-Tell her she is a great role model

Be chivalrous
If you are wondering how to impress your girlfriend, especially when you are in a new relationship, then Chivalry is the answer. It never gets outdated and never fails to impress.

Hold the door open for her, always be the one waiting for your lady love, compliment her beauty – use some beautiful lines to impress the girl, be polite in words and courteous in manners and she will be forever impressed.

Dress to impress
A well dressed man with the right cologne is almost irresistible. Most men only take the effort to dress well during the pursuing period or initial days of dating but among the several tips to impress a girl this one will make her proud to walk beside you and be your girl. 

Be Confident yourself
The best way to impress a girl is to be yourself. Be confident and genuine, and she will be impressed by your authentic self. Girls are attracted to confident guys. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and speak with conviction.

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Make her laugh
When one thinks of how to impress a woman, Humor is one of the most underrated factors but turns out to be a hidden jewel. We all have come across couples where the girl looks so out of reach for the guy but somehow they seem so good together.

Ever wondered how that worked? Other than being her friend and confidant, be the person who makes her laugh at the silliest of jokes and you will get the girl sooner than you think. 

Be a good listener
Girls like guys who are good listeners. One of the best ways to impress a girl is to listen to her. Show her that you are interested in what she has to say and that you value her opinion.

Make sure to give the girl your full attention when she is talking to you. Nod your head and make eye contact to show that you are interested in what she has to say. Try to ask follow-up questions to keep the conversation going.

Make her the center of your universe and let her know it through every word and action. Make her feel like you can’t get your eyes off her and watch her heart melt. You know what works best? Don’t make her compete with your phone for attention.

Respect is the basis of any relationship. Respect her as an equal. Even when you are wondering how to correct a girl, use respectful words to do so instead of criticism. Respect her for who she is. After all, this is the reason you fell for her.

While a little possessiveness is tolerable and to an extent cute, overdoing it will make you lose her. Trust that she knows what she is doing and be her greatest cheerleader.

Show her off
Flaunt her in front of your friends and hers. Show her how happy you are to have her around and what a great couple you’ll be. Always be there by her side. This will make her want you more when you aren’t around.

You can impress girls with some special gift items like personalized gifts as they are considered quite special and exceptional, jewelry gifts that are loved by almost every women or you can go for grooming gifts for her like makeup kit or fashionable apparels.

Don’t rush
In a fast paced world when everything is instant, let love take its own course. There is often more excitement in the chase than in the maintaining of a long standing relationship that requires effort, understanding and a whole lot of other things in between. Don’t try too hard else you may be friend zoned or worse- bro zoned.

Additional tips
Remember the tiny details of those long conversations.

Bring in the old world charm- write letters, drop her sweet notes in places she frequents.

Of course you can always shower her with gifts and surprises.

Make her feel special and secure with your words and actions.

No matter how hard-to-get a girl may play, these things will surely make her have second thoughts. 

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