30 Sept 2022

Your body uses sneezing to clear allergens from your throat or nose. A strong, involuntary expulsion of air occurs during a sneeze. Sneezing frequently occurs abruptly and without warning. Sneezing is often referred to as sternutation.
Although this symptom might be highly bothersome, it typically doesn't indicate a significant health issue.

What causes you to sneeze

Cleaning the air you breathe to ensure it's clear of debris and bacteria is a part of your nose's function. Most of the time, mucus in your nose traps this dust and bacteria. The mucus is subsequently digested by your stomach, which destroys any potentially hazardous intruders.
But occasionally, dirt and debris might get inside your nose and irritate your throat's and nose's delicate mucous membranes. You sneeze as a result of the irritation of these membranes.
Sneezing can be triggered by a variety of things, including:

  1. allergens
  2. viruses, such as the common cold or flu
  3. nasal irritants
  4. inhalation of corticosteroids through a nasal spray
  5. drug withdrawal


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