Take your NBA Fantasy Basketball Game to the next level. Collect, Play and Win on Sorare

2 Nov 2022

Take your NBA Fantasy Basketball Game to the next level. Collect, Play and Win on Sorare. You can start playing instantly for free!!

What is Sorare?
Sorare is a blockchain-based (on Ethereum Network) NFT fantasy football, baseball and basketball game. Sorare was developed in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. Sorare currently has 314 officially licensed clubs and covers 50 league competitions. Some of the most recognizable licensed clubs are; FC Barcelona, Real Madrid CF, Atletico Madrid, FC Bayern München, Liverpool FC, AC Milan, LA Galaxy. Sorare has also partnered with famous sportspeople like Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, Gerard Piqué and Serena Williams. In Sorare you can play with official and licensed digital player cards to manage a virtual team, besides users can trade NFT player cards, participate in tournaments and compete for prizes every week.

On September the 7th Sorare has announced that they entered into a multi-year partnership with NBA to start a NFT-based fantasy basketball game.
How to start?
You can sign up to Sorare for free with this referral link (If you use my referral link, once you buy 5 cards from the auction, you will get one for free.) and start your fantasy football/basketball/baseball game instantly for free. After you sign up, you will get to pick your first card from a pool of the NBA’s biggest stars (a club for football). Then, you’ll receive 19 more common cards then you can immediately register to a weekly competition by combining a 5 member team (7 for baseball) in order to compete. Remember to check for the upcoming games and choose your players wisely because your rank will be distributed by the real-life performances of the players you have chosen. 

What are the rewards?
Weekly competitions offer player card rewards so that each week you have an opportunity to play and grow your collection. Each competition provides the opportunity to win a reward, but the quality of that reward changes based on the competition and based on your team’s performance: the higher your score, the stronger the player you’ll win as a reward!

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