Google and Meta offer Hollywood studios millions of dollars

24 May 2024

Meta and Google want to make AI deals with Hollywood studios.

According to Bloomberg, Meta and Google are offering Hollywood studios millions of dollars in licensing deals that could improve AI-generated video models.

While Netflix and Disney are not willing to license their content, Warner Brothers Discovery is reportedly interested in licensing some of its programs.

The companies hope that such deals will help improve their video creation tools. Google recently demonstrated a text-to-video model called Veo and enlisted Donald Glover to promote it.

There is a race among AI firms to strike licensing deals with media companies. OpenAI and NewsCorp announced a deal earlier this week to bring news content to ChatGPT. Meta is considering paying publishers to train AI models.

But Hollywood studios may have some reservations about such deals. Especially given the recent experience of Scarlett Johansson and OpenAI, things may not go as smoothly as tech companies think.

When the company rejected Johansson's offers for the “Sky” assistant on ChatGPT, they opted for a voice very similar to the actor's. However, this caused a crisis. OpenAI has denied allegations that it tried to imitate Johansson's voice, but the company has yet to explain Sam Altman's tweet.

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