Bitcoin Programming 101

17 Feb 2023

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As the digital currency Bitcoin continues to gain traction and notoriety, more and more people are looking for ways to get involved.

Bitcoin programming is becoming increasingly important for developers who want to understand and use cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows users to send and receive value from one person to another.

The basics of bitcoin programming are for anyone looking to build applications or services for bitcoin-enabled applications.


Bitcoin is the world's first and most popular cryptocurrency. It was created in 2009 by an anonymous individual or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto to facilitate digital transactions without needing a central bank or government institution.

A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System -

Bitcoin has revolutionized how people think about currency, offering users alternative digital money that relies on cryptography and complex algorithms to secure transactions.

Over the years, Bitcoin has become increasingly popular among investors, traders, and everyday consumers alike.

Its decentralized nature makes it appealing since any country or entity does not regulate it.
In addition, blockchain technology allows users to transfer funds quickly and securely across borders with minimal fees.

As more people embrace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it continues to grow in popularity and value.

Bitcoin Programming

The core of bitcoin programming lies in understanding its underlying technology, blockchain.

Blockchain provides mechanisms of security and encryption that ensure a secure exchange of value between two parties without relying on third-party intermediaries.

This technology records transactions on distributed ledgers that are constantly updated and validated by users worldwide.

As such, it provides an alternative form of currency beyond traditional fiat currencies like US dollars or Euros.

Bitcoin programming requires knowledge about cryptography, peer-to-peer networking protocols, and scripting languages C++, Java, and Python are commonly used for this purpose.

Specialized frameworks such as Bitcore offer developers a comprehensive platform for creating secure applications with built-in support for Bitcoin payments.

By utilizing Bitcore's features like multi-signature wallets and HD wallet integration, developers can easily incorporate Bitcoin payments into their applications.

Aspects of Bitcoin Programming

Bitcoin programming allows users to create and manage digital currency transactions and build applications that use the technology. Anyone can learn how to program Bitcoin with the right tools and tips.

One of the most important aspects of bitcoin programming is understanding cryptography and its application to secure data structures like blockchains.

Developers should familiarize themselves with the basics of cryptography before attempting any advanced tasks related to Bitcoin development.

Developers should also know software libraries for building applications in this space, such as Libbitcoin, Bitcore, and Blockstream Core.

Developers just starting with Bitcoin programming may find it helpful to look at sample code from open-source projects like Bitcore or Electrum.

Jimmy Song

Programmer and Bitcoin educator Jimmy Song has taken the crypto world by storm. He teaches students how to program Bitcoin from scratch through his educational platform.

By leveraging existing programming languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript, Song can provide an interactive experience for those interested in getting started with Bitcoin programming.

In addition to providing comprehensive tutorials for various aspects of cryptocurrency, Song also offers several resources that allow users to develop their protocols - from creating open-source wallets or building a cryptographically secure database.

His extensive knowledge of blockchain technology makes him a trusted source for learning about this disruptive technology. He regularly shares insights on his blog and YouTube channel and lectures at conferences around the world.

Jimmy Song's mission is clear: Educate the world about Bitcoin programming so everyone can participate in this revolutionary new digital currency exchange.


If you're interested in programming with Bitcoin, there are some important prerequisites to consider.

  • First, a basic understanding of blockchain technology is needed to understand the underlying principles of Bitcoin and its associated programming languages.

  • Secondly, knowledge of cryptocurrency markets and how they interact with traditional financial systems is essential for any programmer looking to work with Bitcoin.

  • Lastly, familiarity with the Bitcore platform is an essential prerequisite for anyone wanting to program with Bitcoin.

Bitcore is an open-source project that provides developers access to powerful tools and libraries for building application interfaces on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

It offers a high degree of flexibility when creating custom software solutions and applications based on blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is a powerful open-source bitcoin programming platform that enables users to create and deploy their blockchain applications.

It is based on the popular Bitcore framework, which allows for the creation secure and reliable distributed ledgers.


As such, it has become one of the most widely used tools for developing decentralized applications.

By utilizing JSON-RPC as its communication protocol, Bitcoin Core allows developers to build and deploy blockchain projects with ease quickly.

JSON-RPC stands for JavaScript Object Notation Remote Procedure Call, an easy-to-use remote procedure call (RPC) protocol that enables developers to access services through simple requests over the internet without having to write complex code or install the software.

Installing Bitcoin Core in Ubuntu

Installing Bitcoin Core in Ubuntu is the easiest if you use the terminal. If you're a professional programmer or just getting started with Bitcoin programming, using terminal commands to install Bitcore is simple and fast.

To start, update your apt database repository by running the following:

Sudo apt-get update

Next, installing the snapd on your system is necessary to take advantage of this technology.

Snapd enables developers to quickly and easily create Bitcoin applications using bitcore, the open-source JavaScript library for building Bitcoin applications.

Installing snapd is relatively simple and requires just one command. To install snapd, open up a terminal window or command prompt and type in:

sudo apt get install snapd

This will download and install all necessary dependencies for running bitcore applications. Once installed, you can use bitcore's API calls directly within your application code.

This makes it easy to develop advanced Bitcoin-enabled services without worrying about setting up the underlying infrastructure yourself.

This will fetch information from all configured sources and allow you to find the latest version of Bitcoin Core available for installation.

After updating your repository, to download the Bitcore software package, run the following:

Sudo snap install bitcoin-core

Once it has been downloaded, you can then configure Bitcore according to your needs.

Users must keep their bitcoin core version up to date to ensure they have access to the latest features and bug fixes as developers release them.

The easiest way to check that you've installed the correct version of Bitcoin Core is by checking its version number.

bitcoin-core.cli --version

Following this installation method, you can easily uninstall Bitcoin Core when you no longer need it.

The first step is to open the terminal window on your system and type the command line:

sudo snap remove bitcoin-core

This will remove all files associated with bitcoin from your system.

The Bitcoin Core software is now available in the Ubuntu Software store, making it easier than ever to get started with cryptocurrency programming.

For those unfamiliar with the terminal, this graphical way of installing Bitcoin Core allows users to quickly download and install the software without requiring complicated command line instructions.

Next, Type the Bitcoin-core in search of Ubuntu Software and click the install button.

Then search for "Bitcoin Core" in your apps.

Bitcoin Core is open-source software that runs the Bitcoin network.

It provides users with the ability to configure their preferences and settings, making it easy to install on systems such as Ubuntu 22.04.

Final Thought

Despite your programming background, bitcoin programming is an exciting and lucrative field with great potential to create new applications and services.

With the proper knowledge and experience, you can use bitcoin programming to build powerful applications that can help people make payments, store data securely, or even facilitate transactions.

The possibilities are vast, and the potential for growth in this industry is immense. As more developers enter this space, the development of innovative applications will only continue to increase.

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