6 years of the p2e HIVE blockchain game Splinterlands now that's legendary

17 May 2024

Hello Hello Bulbers and welcome to the start of my BULB journey.

I signed up last week so have been chilling out, sussing out the platform and reading and commenting.

There are some great writers here and I hope to add value to both BULB platform and web3 in general.

Some writing platforms have a psuedo mandatory requirement to make an introductory post. That is not something I will do here. However I am known as tengolotodo all over the crypto world and you will see that I have a tengolotodo account here. However somehow I connected using Xdefi and that is not an option. So this account (tengocoins) was born and here I am to stay.

I have been to 69 countries and am British. More Scottish than anything, I describe myself as a global citizen. I am football daft, Rangers Linfield and Real Madrid are my three.

As for Bulb I will probably alternate between crypto/blockchain/web3 posts and then writing posts. I am a fan of faction....

Who knows what faction is? It is when we blend fact and fiction. To that end I am a good storyteller, probably what made me a successful projects manager in the oil and gas industry (hence the 69 countries).

Today though I want to have a wee celebration as my first post...

Did you know that Splinterlands is celebrating its 6 Year Anniversary?

Six years as a blockchain game... ~ now that is fluffing legendary ... so well done and congratulations #Splinterlands

Solinterlands is a play2earn game on the Hive blockchain, I believe it started life as steemmonsters six years ago on the steem or was it steemit platform.

That was the platfom that that Justin Sun bloke tried to take over. Basically a hell of alot of the community gave him the finger and so Hive was forked and that is where Splinterlands has its home now. The name was change of course.

It is a NFT based battle game where you select a team from your collection and then kick shit out of your opponent...

That is the theory...

### Today we are going to go through my Splinterlands journey...

Discovery of Splinterlands

It was actually a friend from read.casj who along with another friend got me to register with Splinterlands ....

I bought my summoners handbook with BCH and promptly lost my log in information. So tengolotodo13 which I created to play Splinterlands has sat like a stone statue motionless watching the action going on around him!

Well fluff that I thought and then bought a spellbook for this account, my main Hive account tengolotodo

This then is a wee recap of my Splinterlands journey to celebrate 6 years of Splinterlands .... PS If any of you are on Hive reading this, feel free to connect there too!

Duration of Participation

This then would have been in the early part of 2022 or late part of 2021 I am not sure which so I am going to say a good two years ago!

I did join a guild with some more Filipinos (the nationality of my friends who invited me) but like so many of my things on Hive it was a bit sporadic.

I carried on playing Splinterlands but felt I had missed the boat.

I could rent cards and a few times I got into Diamond league.

It was all with rented cards and the rewards never seemed to make it worthwhile. It was not really play2earn for me, it was more a case of pay2play.

It was fun and addictive thought. Mrs T would look at me like a numpty when I was pumping the air whilst beating someone exclaiming ...

"Getifur ya basa!"

My homage to the Big Yin himself

My Time Spent in Splinterlands

Do you have an addictive personality?

I do ... This does mean that when I get addicted to something then I can spend fluffing hours doing something!

My Splinterlands journey was full of ups and downs. At the beginning I was easily spending a couple of hours a day researching battle formations, looking at card prices and of course playing.

The good thing about Splinterlands is that it is mobile so I was able to play it on my phone on my way places.

Multitasking we all love it, don't we! Or do we haha!

Now that I have started again we shall see how long this enthsiasm lasts considering summer is on the way in the UK ...


What did I accomplish?

Well many hours of saying I am playing Splinterlands to Mrs T .... Does that count for anything?

I am guildless and that is because I stopped playing. It got so complicated that I let it slip and one day became two days become a month etc ....

As I mentioned before when I was playing regularly I did get to Diamond league a few times and generally played in Gold league, but it cost me more than I earned!

I started again at the same time I started in Bulb and I was impressed with the new design of the website...

I noticed that I had played a couple of games or so...

Ok close to 8000 games, probably fluff all compared to the diehards on Hive but quite a lot for me!

So I restarted in Bronze league with 600 points...

I won and I won ...

and I kept on fluffing winning ....

It was never this easy!!!

Maybe they really did get rid of all the bots!

Well will I addicted again 🤦‍♂
Upcoming Goals

Goals Goals Goals

What fun, well as I only started playing again yesterday my goal is to play daily and find out what changed.

For example last time I played we collected chests at the end of the day and the end of the Season!

What the fluff ... No chests? What now!

So much to learn again!

As a project manager there is one thing that we do not want or at least control it to a minumum ...

Can you guess what that is?

But that is not true for blockchain games. They need to evolve to stay the course ....

How many blockchain games have been here for 6 years and still going strong?

Not that many that's for sure. So kudos to the Splinterlands team and all the players. Together we can keep it strong and here is to the next 6 years!

My Advice for Beginners

My advice in anything and it is something that I am doing again now ... is ....

and ..

Yes I went digging and I went asking, I read the townhall posts and I asked people questions...

Above all .... You need to .... Join a guild!

Yes if you want to enjoy the game, then go and join a guild....

PS Who is looking for a novice member like me?

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your day!

This post also used information from this article orignally published on the Hive platform...

If you want to join Splinterlands then feel free to sign up here

If you are on Hive then feel free to connect or comment.

Normally I add a signature on my posts wherever I publish an article. So a banner shall be created this weekend!

Now I realised I don't know where or how to add these tags I see... Does the platform choose... Well we shall find out!

Oh it's exciting!

#gaming #play2earn #cryptocurrency

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