Poem: "Unveiling Light: A Journey From Anger To Peace" (+Video)

17 May 2024


Anger and resentment, a heavy load to bear,
They weigh us down and steal our peace of mind.
Like poison in our veins, they spread their snare,
Leaving us trapped and blind.

They cloud our vision, taint our thoughts,
And make us bitter, cold, and hard.
They rob us of the joy that life has taught,
And leave us feeling scarred.

But there is hope, a way to let them go,
To find release and claim our peace again.
It's not an easy path, we all must know,
But it's a journey that will free us from our pain.

The first step is to face them with compassion,
To understand the roots from which they grow.
To see how they've shaped us, both our pain and passion,
And to forgive ourselves for letting them grow.

Then, we must learn to let them go one by one,
To release our grip and let them float away.
To trust that we are worthy of the sun,
And that we can heal and find a brighter day.


Writer: TAS
AI Assistant: Gemini
Video Producer & Director: TAS
Voiceover: Elevenlabs
Music: Carol of the Bells - Quincas Moreira (YouTube Audio Library)
Footage Generated by: BlackMagic

#poem #poetry #literature #motivation #selfimprovement #aesthetic #beautiful #peace #life

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