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2 Nov 2022

The condition of the earth is getting worse day by day due to pollution. The balance of the earth's atmosphere is changing. 'Save the earth, take care of our earth' is the message of 'Vasundhara Dina'. Deforestation is not the only cause of ecological imbalance; Metropolises and factories also contribute to this plight. Garbage and sewage are being released into the rivers of villages. Farms are failing due to sugarcane pest. Deserts are growing due to lack of rain. Many such crises are standing before us. One of the important measures to restore the deteriorating balance of the environment is tree plantation. Recently there are tree plantation programs.

 The idea of ​​'social forestry' is now becoming mainstream. As important as it is to plant trees, it is even more important to nurture and preserve them. For this everyone should adopt one tree. What is the use of planting trees and not taking care of them? Many plants die due to negligence. Sometimes they don't get water. Sometimes hungry animals eat the planted plants. So very few of the trees planted survive; become big. For this, a campaign should be started now 'Give one tree to life'. On the occasion of wedding, anniversary, birthday, we give a bouquet of flowers, instead we should give one plant as a gift. Water means life but also to the people of the city The price of water is unknown. Those people do not use water sparingly. Wastes a lot of water. Women in villages have to carry water from long distances. Their hard work should be taken into consideration. Rivers and wells freeze in summer. At that time, when I saw the children filling the water from the pit with a small bowl, my life was shattered. Water is a gift of nature. That is why man does not know its value. Water scarcity is now a worldwide problem. Because the water level in the soil has gone down a lot. Man destroyed forests, built. Therefore, the amount of water in the soil does not evaporate as much as it should. So, focus on the concept of stop the water and drain the water should be given. Fortunately, our country receives abundant rains. But this water flows into the sea. Now we should soak this water in the ground and store it. For that, ponds, embankments or dams should be constructed. That means the water level under the ground will increase. Wells and rivers will have water for many months. The trees will live. Forests will grow. Agriculture will be good. Man happily will live Water is the essence of life. Life without water is unimaginable. The life, happiness and prosperity of all living beings depend on water. At present efforts are being made at the global level regarding the water issue. The result of this is the literacy campaign being conducted in our country on the occasion of 'Water Resources Day' which is organized in the month of April. 'Save water if you read' is the great mantra of the new era. Water can be made in a laboratory but certainly not enough to meet everyone's needs. Today, conflicts over water are seen in the world. A report at the World Water Conference in Kyoto warned that these next wars will be over water allocation or water scarcity. The main source of water for all of us is 'rain' whose unpredictable arrival, availability is a constant problem. Hence water planning and management The problem is getting more complex day by day. The triangle of water, population and land needs to be assembled. In its report on the water survey of the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, UNICEF has warned that these states face major shortages of drinking water and availability.

The root causes of the problems are increasing industrialization, population depletion, illegal deforestation, regulation of water cycle, ecological balance, decreasing number of wild animals etc. The problems started to become apparent. Flood and drought are two sides of the same coin. India suffers crores of rupees loss and huge loss of life every year. There is a huge withdrawal of underground water. Therefore, even up to 400 feet, the follicles are in a dry state. Progressive Maharashtra has 75 talukas prone to drought. This number is increasing day by day. One of my uncles lives in Sawantwadi. Once we went to my uncle's place during May vacation. Uncle was happy as we all came. In great enthusiasm, he showed us the entire Sawantwadi. One day he announced his intention to go to Amboli and a wave of excitement spread among us boys. Actually I have seen Amboli before. But I was also very happy to see this beautiful hilltop village again. Amboli is a small hilltop village blessed by nature. First we drove from Sawantwadi to Amboli, then reached the village 'Danoli' at the foot of that hill. Then we reached the hilltop village of Amboli. Recently, Amboli has gained fame as a cool place and is known as the 'Mahabaleshwar of the Poor'. The place 'Amboli' is included in Sindhdurga in Konkan, this place is still not urbanized, so it is a small village on the Ghats. There are places with beautiful views from these ghats, they are known as points. Travelers come here to watch the sunset. Two more places of interest are mentioned in this Amboli village, namely 'Mahadevgad' and 'Narayangad forts. Under the shelter of these forts there is a settlement of some Bhumiputras. Even for a small amount of money, they welcome you with bread, batter, curry. Tourists visit Amboli Ghat at any time of the year, but its beauty is unique especially during the rainy season. 

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