Italy's Shocking Defeat

24 Mar 2022

Italy 0-1 North Macedonia

I apologise for the spoilers if you're not yet up-to-date with the latest World Cup Qualifier news, but something tragic has happened just then. A brutal crime, daylight robbery... or a deserved defeat?

The underdogs North Macedonia scored a 92nd minute winner against the reigning Euro champions Italy, meaning Italy will NOT go to the World Cup for the 2nd time in a row. This is sheer madness.

Italy's path to the World Cup was already looking tough after they took a tumble in the initial round, failing to automatically qualify. They now needed to beat North Macedonia, then ALSO beat Portugal (cough Cristiano Ronaldo cough) to make it to the World Cup. Now, Portugal can relax a little as they don't have to face Italy.

Italy seemed to be dominating the entire game, but they couldn't capitalise on their chances. They couldn't get the job done and eventually, this came biting back. The underdogs sail through to face Portugal for a chance to make it to the World Cup.

Can North Macedonia pull off another upset to climb to the World Cup? Or will Portugal crush their hopes and dreams? We'll see soon enough.

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Football is an interesting game! and the outcomes are arguably more unpredictable than many other sports given the low number of scoring opportunities, luck or chance plays a greater role. Compare this to basketball where the scoring opportunities are high!
Absolutely shocking!!
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