Digital Drawing of a Portrait

1 Jun 2023

Hello everyone this is my first publication on this site and I want to do it by sharing one of my favorite hobbies and that is drawing, several days ago I had made this illustration of a digital portrait cartoon style, to continue my practice in the world of digital art.

To create this illustration I was looking for references on the Pinterest platform, from there I made some changes in the eye to turn it into a cartoon.


As any work, I start making a sketch, in this opportunity I did it in a traditional way and then I took a photo and pass it to the program where I made the illustration, in which I was positioning each element of the face.

At this stage, I add color to each element of the face that I will use and then I start to add more details to the character.

Graphic Tablet

Tablet Huoion H640P

Programs used


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