The Law of UX - 06

13 Sept 2022

Welcome back

Let us dive right into the sixth law of UX ( User Experience ). 
Have you ever been in a situation where you expected a previous product you used to have the same pattern as the new one? 

For example, most sites have the profile icon on the right side of the screen, mainly on the top. When trying out a new product, a user would expect to have His/Her profile icon at the same spot as the previous sites He or She has been on. 

That is where the Sixth law of UX comes in, Jakob's Law- It states that, since users spend a whole lot of time on other sites, they would expect a site to work the same way as the other ones they've been on/ already know.

Things to note:

  • Users are likely to transfer their expectations built on a familiar product to another that seems similar to that.
  • We should be able to leverage on existing models of design to produce superior models 

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This law is definitely one of my favourite laws. I guess that's where design systems come into play. Using design systems of similar products as a guideline when making a product of similar abilities. I'm anticipating more laws from you
pretty complicated, but like every law is