Elon Can't Afford Twitter + Animoca - Brand bigger than KGF

7 Jun 2022

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🚨 Elon Musk may permanently withdraw his Twitter takeover bid; accuses platform of "material breach" for withholding data

◾He wants Twitter to prove that less than 5% of its users were spam or fake accounts.

➡️💥 Animoca Brands investments crossed $1.5 Billion

◾Animoca Brands has invested over $1.5 billion across more than 340 investments as of 30th April 2022.

◾Between October 2021 and April 2022, the firm earned over $721M from token and NFT sales with some other non-blockchain activities as well.

◾Animoca also owns digital asset reserves of $211M at the end of April, consisting of USDC, USDT, BUSD, ETH and BTC.

➡️ 🚨 $2.4B in crypto laundered through Binance in the last five years

◾It is estimated that at least $2.35 billion in illegal funds have been laundered through Binance between 2017 and 2021.

◾The evaluation includes analyzed court records, statements of law enforcement as well a few records of Chainalysis and Crystal Blockchain to track illegal funds on the exchange.

◾However, Binance's Chief Communications Officer says that he did not believe that this analysis is accurate.


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It would be great to see the analysis that identifies the $2billion in illegal funds.
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