Freshmen Tips on Surviving College

23 Jan 2023

1. Don't judge your lecturers by their intentions, judge them by how they affect your scores. I bet you have got funny lecturers that will never cease to tell you how lenient they are but when you see your results, you are left bitterly astounded. Maybe, when you had your first one you should have vowed never to judge lecturers by how much of smooth talkers they're but by how much of smooth markers they're. Let them profess to be lenient all they want but keep an eye on what happens on your portal. That's the most real indicator.

2. Do not be often caught uninterested. Everyone thrives on attention, lecturers too. Attention indicates interest. Interest validates their value. times you can be caught uninterested in what is being taught. Not taking notes. Not listening to classes. Not participating. Well, that shouldn't be the norm. Do not just be another student in the lecture hall.
Participate brilliantly. Ask intelligent questions. Show genuine interest in what is being taught. Lecturers have a soft spot for students that make them feel heard.
Be that student that makes them feel so and you will be glad that you did.

3. Do not needlessly poke their insecurities. Lecturers are humans. They have their weaknesses. Don't poke them unnecessarily. Are you that student that asks questions genuinely to potentially embarrass them in front of others? Hell, stop digging your own academic grave with that pickaxe of cocky exuberance! I know you're good and so I can give you an alternative and that's the next instruction.

4. Enhance their capacities when you can - those favors hardly go unrequited. If there are ways you feel you can help, help. Are you more tech-savvy than they are? Rather than show off arrogantly to your detriment why don't you explore the better-repaying alternative of offering to help them respectfully in areas they might find your service helpful? These favors, when it is sensed to have come from a place of genuineness hardly go unrequited. That's a win-win. Well, it might be important to note this too, help but don't be a slave.

5. Have a good reputation among most lecturers especially the most influential ones - bad deeds spread quickly. Thread wisely. Pander to the positive sides of their sentiments to the extent that their demands for that are not obnoxious. Be courteous. Be respectful. Be smart and seem non-threatening. Don't do stupid things. Trust me, lecturers communicate. The last thing you would want is an avoidable gang-up against you by those that matter.

6. In exams, be keen to primarily give them their mirror. Sure, you can (should) include your original thoughts but let it be in tune with their primary biases on the subject. This is particularly important.
Oftentimes, students argue that why shouldn't lecturers consider students explaining concepts in their own words? That's noble. But then, do you have the knowledge and vocabulary base adequate to execute your self-expression efficiently? Most times, most students don't have that depth and so they shoot themselves in the leg each time they try. That's why I would advise that to be safe, stick to the script. Use the lecturers' keywords while expressing your answers. Reflect on their biases on the subject too. This way you scale through without much stress. Give them the mirror - they love their reflections.

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