My Obsession With Photography: Part 2

19 Apr 2024

Good Morning Bulb Family!

Good morning, family. I hope you all are well and happy in your lives. I'm perfectly fine too. So, finally, the day has come that I and all of you have been eagerly waiting for. Yes, today I am going to write part 2 of my photography series.

First of all, I am very grateful for the immense love you showed for my previous article. I hadn't thought that people here would be interested in this topic, but seeing all your comments has given me even more motivation, as it shows that people do enjoy this content. If you haven't read my first article yet, please go and read it first, because in that article I laid the foundation for this series that I have started.

Now, I think it's time to delve into today's topic. But before I begin, if you haven't checked out my previous articles, I encourage you to do so.

My Obsession With Photography

My Obsession

In this blog, I will share some shots that are very close to my heart. As I mentioned in my previous article, these are very old pictures, so it took me a long time to find them. So let's start with our first shot.

Just feel the picture

This shot is one of my best. I took it in Naran Kaghan(Pakistan). As you know, I am a big fan of sunsets, so this picture fulfills all my passions. It's like a fairytale. Just imagine sitting by the riverbank, watching the sun set in silence, without any noise or disturbance. How would you feel?

Pakistani Eiffel Tower

First of all, please ignore the person who accidentally got into this picture and tried his best to ruin it. This place is in Lahore, Pakistan. By the way, can you believe these pictures were taken with a mobile phone? And not just any phone, but an iPhone 5s. Well, I still consider this my favorite shot.

Meet my Catoo

This shot is very dear to me because it features a very special pet. Three years ago, it somehow found its way into our house and ended up staying. Unfortunately, it is no longer alive due to illness. I wish I had the iPhone 15 Pro Max at that time; maybe the pictures would have been even clearer, but no matter, this picture is perfect as it is. What do you think?

Food Shots

So now let's move on to shots of food and drink. There was a time when I was very fond of taking pictures of food rather than eating it. These pictures are from an Eid occasion where all of us friends had gathered and planned a BBQ.

I took this shot on the first day of university with my new friends. This picture is associated with many memories, which is why I have always kept it saved on my mobile. In my opinion, we can capture all our memories through photographs.

Ending Thoughts

So let's end today's article here before you all start getting bored. We will continue this part in the next article. Now, tell me which of these shots is your favourite?
Please make sure to leave your reviews in the comment section.

One more thing, I would like you all to participate in this series as well. If you have your favourite shots and memories associated with them, please share them so that interaction on this site increases and everyone remains engaged.

Note:All Pictures are captured by me. All pictures are already published on my different social media handles. Thank you.

Let’s interact in the comment section. Thank you to all the readers for your precious time.

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