Tree's our best friend

14 May 2023

This is the story of when our villages started to grow, i.e. when they started to become cities. Factories came up around our village, schools and colleges came up in the village and the crowd of people started increasing. This led to the need for large roads and then the destruction of the village's green wealth. Those people claiming innovation came near a banyan tree and what a surprise! From that tree came a roar - "Away, ungrateful villagers, merciless Upanyas!" In a moment the work of felling the tree stopped. Everyone pricked up their ears in surprise. Again that grave sound came.

"People, I am the legend of this village. This village is situated in front of my vision. Even the villagers do not know when I came here, how I came here. Before this village was established, a saint happened to come here, then it was a barren wasteland. But this deserted place He thought it fit for his penance. Before starting his penance he brought my baby form here and established me here in this land. Since then till date I have seen almost hundreds of monsoons. I remained grateful to this stream of the Lord. With the nourishment from Mother Earth and the blessings of Lord Varuna, I continued to blossom from Angopanga. Now So these drooping locks of mine are waving the flags of my old age. I am a Purana Purusha, but I do not weaken. My strength has not waned even an iota.
"People, I know it is not proper to express your praise with your mouth; but I must wake up you thoughtless people who have gathered here for my destruction. Friends, I am not just an old tree, but I am the protector of this village. The benefactor. The birth, the development of this village, the present form of this village has all been witnessed by me. Initially, two to four poor families lived here. But they entered the village by worshiping me and treating me as the Puran Purush of their family. Before doing any new work, they asked me taking blessings and then this practice continued from generation to generation.When doing anything new the villagers first come to me and take my advice. "I served the village all my life. Shaded all the villagers and visitors to the village. Not only people, thousands of birds regularly take refuge on my shoulders. News from far away hears me. All the children of the village grew up playing surparamba on me. Every year many Suvasinis worshiped me on Vatpurnima for endless good fortune. demand.

My grandfather is always happy and satisfied. Behind this happy, optimistic attitude of grandfather is his fitness! Their behavior is very regimented. No matter what happens, they never miss an early morning walk. He has established a pensioners' club. This old group celebrates each other's birthdays, goes on trips. On such occasions, grandfather asks grandmother to make crispy chakly for his friends. Grandpa is very proud of our grandmother. Grandfather held a high position in the government office and retired with honor from a very high position there. They also attribute it to our grandmother; Because according to them, they never had to pay attention on the home front. They believe that their house remained 'ideal' only because of our grandmother. Even today, grandfather remains isolated from everyone even though he is in the house. They do not interfere in anyone's decision. But if we ask a doubt, they clear it openly. With good health, clear thinking and constant activity, Grandfather looks energetic even in his eighties. Even in their old age, they have preserved their 'young' minds, so they can always be happy. 'Be a doer. Be active' is always his exhortation to us.

"People, I am doing a greater work for this village. With my high and far-spreading branches I appeal to Varunaraja. So this village does not face the danger of drought, people, I want to make you realize that you are giving the village a new look. By cutting down the old trees you are in a way inviting drought. Instead, plant more trees to create a beautiful village." Having said this, the patient voice stopped and the people gathered around the tree went away determined to plant more trees!" I did not think this day would ever be in my life! Today, I was unanimously selected as the sarpanch of this village. What a big faith by the villagers! Today I am at the threshold for. Forty years ago, the village is still clear in my eyes. But the bitter behavior given by the village at that time, however, I have now completely forgotten. "I will not blame my villagers for this . That time it was strange. Wait! I tell my ritual. I am one of these town Born in the rich landlord family Castes who glorify themselves as the best class Born I got higher education. In the city While learning, I became friends, it was society A friend of the untouchable class. So I will go close to the unlucky people in that class I could feel their grief. And By setting a certain goal that I came back and finished. 'I started working in the untouchables in the village. I started going there. I started eating with them. How can this be interested in my home, my caste people? They tried to divert me in all ways, prices, penalties. But I believed in the same caste, 'Human caste. Finally the doors of my house closed me. I chose a girl from that backward class who worked with me as my co -worker. So the village also expelled me. "My life of that time was my test. I was experiencing the fire of gold that brightened the fire. The house or door, the sky on the ground below. There was not much money in the pocket. Without the true friendship, I continued to do all the harassment without boring. Without the election, when I was elected as a sarpanch today, I came to my mind, this village had excluded me! No, the village was taking my test, it is true! "

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