DREAM OR REALITY?Are "Dreams" a "Parallel Reality"?

17 Sept 2023

In this dream I was healing people.... I was like a doctor... I was prescribing for them... I clearly saw a couple who brought me a child in a fever and convulsing.

We laid him down and I put my hand on his forehead while I recited some words.... The child calmed down and soon the fever disappeared.... The child's mother hugged me and kissed my hands, crying and thanking me.... The father with the child in his arms cried with emotion.

I told them that it was nothing, that they should be calm and that the child would be fine.

The day went by with a few other "patients". I did not consider myself a doctor... I just did some favors with home remedies in that locality and I was gaining their trust...

That night... In the early morning, they were knocking on my door desperately and shouting: "Open the door in the name of God"...

"OPEN THE DOOR IN THE NAME OF GOD"! I woke up startled believing that it was someone's emergency.... They almost broke down the door....

-Coming, coming, just a moment, I said as I opened the door.

They burst in like thunderstorms... The first one was the priest of the church with a cross and a crowd shouting: he works with the devil, he serves Satan!

The priest was telling me that I was accused of healing and curing by means of spells and witchcraft... There was one who was like a policeman and he ordered me to be arrested... I didn't understand anything, everything was so confusing.... The noise, the shouting of men and women against me, accusing me of being a heretic... Blasphemer... Sacrilegious...

I saw men and women whom I helped, brandishing sticks in the air and shouting against me.

Everything was so confusing... Everything was so sudden that I didn't have time to organize my mind, my ideas, my words... I didn't utter a sound, I just watched everything as if in slow motion... I listened to my agitated breathing... The beating of my heart...

I didn't understand anything.

I was pushed out to the street... There were more people there with sticks and stones shouting: he is the son of the devil, he only heals through the devil.... I saw one or two women crying to prevent my lynching....

I had already heard about the church "tribunals" that together with civil authorities executed people who contravened the enemies of the faith.

I had heard about the tortures to which they subjected those who practiced certain rites and acts of magic....

I never thought of taking care of myself because I did nothing of the sort.

God cannot abandon me in front of this pack... A cold chill ran down my back as I imagined that I could be burned at the stake or subjected to the tortures of the so-called Holy Inquisition.

I closed my eyes and thought: God cannot abandon me in this difficult hour? God cannot allow me to die unjustly..... God is with me.

I was taken to the square and tied to a post while the "charges" for which I was being judged were read to me.

I only repeated: "I am the way, the truth and the life"...

"I am the way, the truth and the life". I resigned myself to death... I regretted my things, my books, my writings.


-God save me, God do not forsake me... God...

I saw for the last time the child's wife with fever, she was hugging her husband crying... she was looking at me with compassion.

Terrible my death... Asphyxiated... Dying until I run out of oxygen.

-Oh God, don't let it happen..." she kept repeating to me over and over again.

I was placed in a kind of coffin, my hands tied behind my back and my feet tied to my ankles.... I NEVER MADE ANY SOUND... I never screamed, I never begged... I did not cry... I did cry... Or rather, my tears were rolling down my face.... I did not deserve a death of that magnitude.

The lid closed... I wanted to scream: God do not forsake me! But only an ache in my throat.... A lump... A stifled scream.

The drawer with my body inside was abruptly thrown into the pit....

I felt everything as if in slow motion... I didn't even feel pain anymore... The beating of my heart was faster...

The shovelfuls of earth that were falling on the wooden sarcophagus were hitting my eardrums.... Little by little it could be heard farther away... Farther away...

Everything was silent and dark

Puffs of air... aaaahgggg...

My ears emitted a buzzing sound...

-God do not let me die this way.... God save me!

It was an eternal darkness... just me... my breathing... and my heartbeat.

My hands and feet were loosened from their bindings... I looked up... I pushed myself up and took several strokes... I swam and swam... There was no oxygen left in my lungs... A little more, a little more, I said to myself... Keep swimming... And at the top I could see a light. A clarity... I swam and swam.

-aaahhg - I took a deep breath - I sucked in puffs of fresh air... My lungs filled up with air again... I breathed... I breathed...

I was floating in the water, tired, agitated.... My lungs ached... I swam towards the shore... I was exhausted, my arms were not enough to swim faster and I let myself be carried away by the waves...

I reached the shore...

It was a kind of beach. There was a radiant sun, warm, I could feel the breeze and the smell of the sea... I lay down on the sand to rest and recover... I closed my eyes.

-What took you so long? -I heard a woman's voice.

I opened my eyes and I could see a young woman, brunette, with long hair in a bun.... Very pretty... Dressed humble or normal... She crouched down next to me and said to me:

-What happened, why did it take you so long down there? - Pointing to the beach

She spoke to me in a strange language, but I understood her perfectly... I didn't know who she was, but I felt her as mine... I felt her as part of me...

I stood up, looked around in astonishment and the only thing I could say was:

-I almost drowned

And my words surprised me, I spoke the same way she did, it was a strange language, but I understood it.

At that moment three children came running. Two girls and a boy and they hugged me happily: daddy, daddy, how many did you bring?

One girl was about eight years old, the other about five years old and the boy was about three or four years old. Same language but I understood them.

I hugged them

-How many pearls did you bring? The woman (who I understood was my wife or my partner) said to me.

-I was stunned. I was stunned.

Everything was strange... It was something crazy.

The big girl took a little leather bag that I had tied around my waist:

-to see daddy how many you got.

The bag had 21 pearls in it...

-TWENTY-ONE PEARLS!!!! -said the astonished woman, "No wonder it took you so long. You shouldn't have done that, you could have drowned!

The children were jumping with joy. The woman kissed me on the lips and thanked me for the pearls.

-What do you have? She said to me

-No, nothing, only that I almost drowned and my lungs hurt....

At that moment I woke up.

I still smell like the sea... My lungs still hurt... I try to remember the language... I try to remember details.


With this dream I am convinced that death does not exist ... That we woke up to another reality.

Evidently I died suffocated in that coffin... But I came back to another reality.

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I guess we'll never find out...
Give me reality any day rather than have me stuck up in the fantasies dreams gives
I always considered dreams a potential portal to another dimension or a glimpse into the future. I read in a book that our dreams often contain symbolism and hidden meanings that can leave us questioning their purpose. This is a very interesting post, @albertorivas!
Dreams are just a wishing for what should happen