Rise and Shine

26 Jan 2023

As I lay in bed, I hear the world Whispering secrets in my ear

Tales of adventure and wonder That make my heart leap with cheer

But still I linger, warm and cozy Wrapped in blankets soft and deep

The comfort of my bed is tempting But I know I must rise from my sleep

For the world is calling my name And there's a fire in my soul

I long to see what lies beyond To reach for my goals

So I rise from my slumber And I face the day with pride

For I know that I am capable Of taking on the world with stride

With each step I take, I feel my power Growing stronger with each breath I am alive,

I am awake And there's nothing I can't overcome with my strength

So don't waste another morning Hiding under the covers Rise up,

and seize the day For your dreams are just another step closer

So let your heart be your guide And let your spirit be your light

With each new dawn comes new hope And a brand new chance to shine bright.

For the world is waiting for you With endless possibilities

So don't let fear hold you back Or doubts cloud your mind's ease

Each day is a canvas Waiting to be painted With the colors of your dreams

And the brushstrokes of your passions

So let your heart be your compass And your courage be your guide

For the journey is yours And the path is yours to decide

Don't be afraid to take risks Or to step out of your comfort zone

For it's in the unknown That we find the strength to grow

So rise up and face the day With a fire in your heart For the world is yours to conquer

And the future is yours to chart

So don't let another morning slip by Without taking a stand

For the time is now To make your mark on this land

So rise up, and seize the day With all the strength and grace you can bring

For the world is waiting for you And the possibilities are endless.

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