These few things, the more men do, the more distant your relationship will be

11 Feb 2023

Some people say that the more a man is willing to spend money for you, the more he loves you. If someone loves you very much or does not love you, it is not decided by money and material things.

It’s like a man who loves you after a quarrel, he will take the initiative to coax you, willing to share his emotions with you, and contact you frequently, because his heart is inseparable from you, and he doesn’t want you to suffer a little grievance. Therefore, he knows that if he wants to keep his relationship strong, he needs to apologize for his mistakes and strengthen his relationship, and if he does not do so, the relationship can be broken.

So these few things, the more men do, the farther your relationship will be.

After the quarrel, don't come to coax you

In the emotional world, it is normal to have quarrels, but the cold war after quarrels is a precursor to estrangement.

The person who loves you deeply cares about your feelings. Even after a quarrel, he will consider your emotions. He will always take the initiative to comfort you, and even take the initiative to admit his fault, even if it's not his fault, he will still apologize to you so that you will be happy.

On the contrary, every time you quarrel, you can't let yourself down, and sometimes you fight with him, it shows that you are not so important in his heart, and soon your relationship will end.

Love contains relaxation and understanding. People who do not accept your heart feelings are not really in love with you, and these type of peoples may be interested in just one of your habits.

Don't want to share their emotions with you

Between people, a strong relationship begins with sharing. The more the other party shares with you, the more they care about you, believe in you, and take you seriously.

A man who doesn't love you is unwilling to tell you too much about his own secrets, because he has regarded you as a sharp person. He doesn't care about your feelings.

So the man who is unwilling to share his emotions with you means that he no longer loves you.

No contact with you

When you fall in love with someone, you want to know what the other person is doing at all times, want to hear the other person's voice, and if you can't help your partner in a difficult time, you still want to see her.

In the eyes of the man who loves you, you are very interesting, and these type of men are very eager to take the initiative to understand you, even if you do not talk to him for a while, he feels that you are angry, because he cares about you more than himself.

Even if it is a little bit of separation, he will feel very uncomfortable, like addicted to you, he wants to contact you all the time.

For a man who doesn't love you, he doesn't care about contacting you or not. He only has himself in his heart. He even thinks that he will live happier without you.


A man who truly loves you will take the initiative to coax you after a quarrel; he is willing to share his sorrows and joys with you.

A good love is one that can stand the tests of life, find joy in each other's difficulties, find happiness together, and hold each other in their hearts.

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