Scientific Attitude

21 Feb 2023

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has delightfully examined the issues about the nature of scientific attitude, two major roles of science developing society and scientist’s methods of thinking and acting which can also be applied by higher to common people for their better prospectives. Physics, biology ,chemistry, zoology, engineering, medicine etc. are different. Sciences taught at different institutes. The nature of science is based upon the keen observation, creativity and experiment for finding the facts. So the nature of scientific attitude is characterized by objectivity, open mindedness, skepticism and willingness to suspend judgement if there is insufficient evidence. Through the process of creativity, observation and experiment scientists develop knowledge which we apply for the betterment of society. Without any hesitation we can say that science plays important role in the social development. There are two ways in which science often helps to develop our society. The first is the application of modern machines, products and systems of applied knowledge that modern technologies develop. Modern technology has improved the structures of societies. It has made our life comfortable , extended life span and longevity. The second way is its application by all members of society in a special methods of thought and action that scientists use in their work: By shaping our views on life, men and society, nature and reality and providing the meaning of our existence, science directs our thought and action and sets the norms and modes of our conduct.
A successful scientist is often with full of curiosity. Through the process of creativity and keen observation he is able to cast a situation, challenge and problem in a new light and thereby opens up possibilities. He often thinks out of box and throws light in new probability. He wants to know not only about the universe but also wants to find how and why the universe works. He often directs his attention toward problems. His curiosity leads him to look underlying relationship even if the data available seem to be unconnected. He applies logical thought while making observations and utilizes facts he observes to the fullest extent. The successful scientist or technologist thinks and acts in such ways which characterized him or her as good observer,accurate,skeptical,objective,critical as well as imaginative. He or she applies facts to observe things, does not accept statements which are not based on the most complete evidence, thinks everything critically and becomes imaginative while looking relationships in data that are complex and incomplete. Furthermore he or she is not only critical of how processes work and how events take place.

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