Types of shame

3 Jan 2023

1.) Social shame is a sense of embarrassment or disgrace caused by the opinions or actions of others. It can be triggered by a variety of factors, such as making a public mistake or being judged by others.

2.) Personal shame is a feeling of shame that originates within oneself and is frequently related to one's own personal values or beliefs. It can be triggered by things like failing to meet one's expectations or living up to one's own standards.

3.) Sexual shame is a sense of shame or discomfort associated with one's own sexuality or sexual behavior. Sexual abuse or the belief that one's sexual desires or practices are abnormal or taboo can set it off.

4.) Moral shame: This is a shame that comes from violating one's moral code or values. It can be triggered by things like lying, cheating, or stealing.

5.) Physical shame is the feeling of shame related to one's physical appearance or body. It can be triggered by things like being overweight, having a physical disability, or not meeting societal standards of beauty.

6.) Performance shame: Another type of shame is being self-conscious about one's performance. This is common during public speaking and musical and athletic performances. Some argue that performance shame has a transformative effect on the "performer" and others at the event.

7.) Internalized shame: Internalized shame is a shame that has been directed inward. For example, those who have experienced childhood abuse may feel unworthy or ashamed due to their abuse.

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