Just A Admirer

26 Jan 2023

"Once there a town called bhagya nagaram"

"In that town there is a boy called kumar"

"He is not a special person. he is just a person with average looks and casual person"

"He Himself thinks he is a boring person"

"This story is about a part of his life."

"At the time of his kumar's childhood he used to go to tution every day"

"one fine day he passes from a different street to the college and he found a person of around 60 years old"

"The old person sat on a chair outside of his house"

"The Old person said 'hey boy come here..' then he asked what your name.."

"kumar politely answered my name is kumar"

"The kumar shook hand and he left to tutuion"

"Kumar again want to go to same street as he passed yesterday"

"He again met him and they both had a convo for 10 mins and he left"

"Days passed and kumar grew up until then a few years gap came between the old person and him"

"Kumar got very busy in his life facing real problems"

"Kumar lost his job and lost his love too"

"one fine day kumar sat on a bench at a park and one old man from far walking toward kumar and stand before him"

"then kumar headed upside and saw the face of that old person"

"It was the same old person who was his child hood friend"

"they both became real happy for an instance and they started having conversation"

"when the old person saw kumar is really stressed out, he asked whats the problem"

"soon the old person understood the problem he has and offered kumar to be with him"

"the old person is the founder of a big company worth 100M$"

"kumar had became the ceo of the company"

"The real persons are the people who we believe in really"

"never ever leave your friends"

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