Khed gao

14 May 2023

Our village started to spin, that is, when the city started to become a city. The factories went around our village, schools and colleges went to the village and the crowd of men started to increase. This created the need for big roads and then the green wealth in the village started to break. Those people who claim to be renovated came to a tree and what a surprise! The tree was roared - "Get away, ungrateful villagers, ruthless people!" In a moment the task of the tree trunks. Surprisingly everyone's ears began. He started to get a serious voice again "People, I am the mythology of this village. This village is situated in front of me. The villagers here did not even know how I came here. He felt appropriate for his penance. He brought my baby here before the impression, and made me placed here in this land. Since then I have seen almost hundreds of rainy season. So my wrathful jats are throwing my old age. I am not weak but weaken. My power has not diminished.

"People, I know that your appreciation is not worth telling you in your mouth; but you must wake me up for my elimination. Friends, I am not just an old tree, but I am the guard of this village. Born, the development of this village, this village has all its witnesses today. Initially two or four poor families lived here. Blessings and then this practice continued for generations. In doing anything new, the villagers first came to me and took my call. "I served the village all my life. Shaded all the villagers and visitors to the village. Not only people, thousands of birds regularly take refuge on my shoulders. News from far away hears me. All the children of the village grew up playing surparamba on me. Every year many Suvasinis worshiped me on Vatpurnima for endless good fortune. demand.

"People, I am doing a greater work for this village. With my high and far-spreading branches I appeal to Varunaraja. So this village does not face the danger of drought. People, I want to make you realize that you are giving a new look to the village. By cutting down the old trees you are in a way inviting drought. Instead, plant more trees to create a beautiful village." Having said this, the patient voice stopped and the people gathered around the tree went away determined to plant more trees!" 'Pune will soon turn into a city of statues Hoyoy' is the future predicted by someone in Pune's 'Dainik Sakal'. The argument behind it lingered in the mind for a long time. The commentator had enumerated a street statue in Pune, and then readers had mixed opinions about whether such statues should be in place or not. Has anyone taken the opinion of those statues in this debate?
"How crazy you are! Oh man, who will vote for mannequins? If mannequins could express their opinions, would they be called mannequins?" Now, however, the idol had put aside its idolatry for a while and was opening its own mind

"Oh man, we are as unfortunate as we are. Because the people who make us stand on the streets have only some selfish gain from it; and the chatters are self-sacrificing. What an inconsistency! But even we bear it with composure. A great man wears out his whole life for a particular goal. On occasion, she even lays down her life for that goal and then after her death, her ideals are abandoned and her statue is erected. Donations are collected from the capitalists for the statue of the leader who opposes capitalism. How unfortunate!

"Then tell me, is there a need for such statues? Statues are erected to prove the generosity and greatness of the person or organization who erected them. It is a deceitful, bitter slap that these great monuments of the great inspire others. People do not even remember them in their daily lives. "I was also born from the pride of some rich people. These rich people do not deserve to stand even next to the person whom I am representing. We accept what we ask. His intention behind this statue is to show it grandly. On the occasion of glorifying that great person, he wrote his own names, I have glorified myself. To tell you the truth, the day of my unveiling should have been the happiest day of my life, but it turned out to be the saddest day of my life. Because that's when my debauchery began." "I am standing neutrally here in the summer rain. Around me are many great people standing like statues like me. Crows, sparrows and other birds are dirtying me. But even more than this, I am disgusted by the inferiority of some people. These people feel nothing of the filth that birds do to the disastrous deeds of these people. No. Seeing these crooked acts of sociopaths makes my mind restless, but what am I going to do? I'm a talking statue!" After saying this, the voice stopped and the talking statue became a silent statue again.

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